Everything related to Leo has to be glamorous. They do not settle for less in any matter. They always want to be the best and want to be appreciated for everything that they do. This is also the case in their sexual relationship. For them, sex has to be full of passion and excitement. All this is aroused only with the right atmosphere, setting and also the right props. For them, it will be perfect lovemaking if it is started with the right mood. The right mood here is referred to as a romantic setting like lit scented candles, champagne, satin bed covers, and suitable music in the background. To fulfil their desires related to lovemaking, you have to satisfy their biggest sexual fantasy which is acting as the lead in an erotic romantic movie surrounded by an applauding audience. Along with this if you happen to deliberately place a mirror, then the result for them is desirable.

Requirements before Sex for Leos:

Leos won’t just have sex for the sake of it, they expect the perfect occasion which is started off with the fitting foreplay and ending with memorable and sensual lovemaking. They do not like hotchpotch and grimy sex and quickies are their last choice generally. For their sexual zeal to kick in, they require an extreme amount of admiration and special treatment which will let them give the best sex to their partner. They will not accept their partner showing interest in others even playfully. They are very loyal to their partner and expect the same amount of commitment and loyalty from them as well. To keep a Leo happy in any matter, an extreme amount of affection, importance, appreciation and all possible terms of wooing is the only way. Sex is something very meaningful for them and being born under this sign they tend to have a natural state of being passionate. But be it any Leo, they will never be fully satisfied, and satisfying them is quite a tough job. They always want to feel amused and excited by their partner. No matter who or how they always want extra because they feel nothing is quite good enough for them.

Leo and Sexual Compatibility with Aries:

Leo and Aries are extremely compatible in bed. The two have a lot of fire inside them and they generally view things in the same way. This makes them extremely understanding of each other’s needs. Both these people will want to try something new and exciting in bed. Aries are extremely hot-blooded and want to be in charge even in bed. They are nit innocent and easy to manipulate. Aries tend to be more direct than Leo and it is easy to understand if they are in a mood to have some fun or not.

Leo and Sexual Compatibility with Sagittarius:

Sagittarius and Leo tend to be the best of friends and match the level of fire as well as enthusiasm inside them. Leo tends to fall for the athletic and beautiful Sagittarius as soon as they lay their eyes on them. Leo will want to be present in the situation and work on his/her instincts in the bed. Sagittarius on the other hand wants to have fun but his/her mind wanders to a lot of different places. Leo will have to excite Sagittarius in order to build the mood. It is just Leo who can keep up with Sagittarius’s energy in bed. These two tend to be extremely fun in bed and have good sexual intimacy between one another.

Leo and Sexual Compatibility with Aquarius:

This is the most natural and perfect match when it comes to sexual intimacy. Leo will be fully involved and pretty passionate, while Aquarius will tend to think about the future. However, once together, these two realize that their difference actually compliments them and makes their sexual life all the more interesting. Aquarius needs to relax before getting in the mood and hence Leo should let his/her partner talk and relax. The quirky ways of Aquarius will define excite Leo and Leo’s passion will stir the romance between these two signs in bed. All in all, these two have a lot to offer to one another sexually.