Aries are the people who are born between the twenty of March and the nineteenth of April and are ruled by the planet Mars, their element being the fire. So, they are people who are naturally very fierce, very dominating, energetic and aggressive by nature. They are short-tempered individuals who are very impatient and impulsive people. But here’s the thing, okay? If you are about to have sex with an Aries, these are the brutal truths you need to know about them.

Aries are very bold and love sex. Like a lot.

They are people who are very bold by nature and for them, sex is all about fun and bold gestures. They are not the kind of people who make love, they definitely are not the people who caress and are into vanilla sex. They love the domineering, intensity, the sexual fire and the conquering that comes with sex.

Aries is aggressive.

By nature, they are aggressive and they approach life with the same intensity and fervour. So, it is no surprise that they get aggressive when it comes to sex as well. When it comes to dominating over their partner and the fight for dominance, all of it turns them on even more.

Aries hate scheduled sex.

They are impulsive people who love spontaneity and crazy actions. The crazier the idea, the more they dig it. So, it really is no surprise again when we come yo know that Aries hate scheduled sex. Where is the fun in that? They love exploring and being impulsive, be it the kitchen or your bedroom. They are willing to put themselves out there and will definitely wait for you to get there, as long as their patience holds.

Aries loves a challenge, the chase and definitely do not expect them to make love to you.

They are people who love being physical and they absolutely love a challenge. The chase makes them hotter for you and they are very determined people who get who they want. Play hard to get and make them work for It, and enjoy the chase and attention they give you. If you are on a date with an Aries, make sure that the date involves a lot of physical activity and also involves the both of you as partners. They have a competitive streak in them, so do not let them win and watch how it affects them. Not only that, for them, this activity is like foreplay and it just gets hotter and heavier as the time progresses. 

While they are generous lovers, they dislike cuddling after the deed is done and prefer if they could get going. 

No, do not get me wrong. They love sex, they love having sex with you and they are great lovers. But they are impatient people by nature and they like it hot and fast. Cuddling does not come as second nature to them and they are ravenous after they have done the need and would prefer if cuddling was not involved after sex. They love spending time with you but they are just impatient people.

Aries are moody people by nature.

They are very moody people by nature and are prone to mood swings. One minute they are very loving people and would rather cuddle with you on the couch and the next minute, they are pushing you away and would prefer that they were alone and you would not be so clingy. They are confusing and tend to even confuse you with the number of mixed signals they keep sending out.

Aries are people who love the romance, but will never accept it.

They will never, ever accept that they love the mushy stuff too occasionally and enjoy the attention you throw on them. They have their ego and will never accept this but will definitely secretly enjoy it. Head rubs turn them on and they love it when you run for fingers through their hair. It definitely turns them on and you should do that more often. Not only that, they make amazing partners because they are intensely loyal only to you.