Being an Aquarius is not easy especially in this today’s era where people are open to loving freely and openly. Aquarius is a zodiac who believes in the quest of independence when it comes to intimacy in the relationship that they want to belong to. Aquarius has its own set of thought processes that varies from the other set of air zodiacs. They won’t go for alternatives in a relationship unless it starts to get into the verge of boredom. A sense of following routine, unnecessary traditions and continuous projects dissatisfies an Aquarius.  Being ruled by the planet of Uranus, they need variety when it comes to enjoying life and in sex life as well. That does not signify that they are more prone to one night stands. Aquarius love to be devoted to one certain thing, object or person unless it starts getting boring. This zodiac always needs to feel alive and fresh from within and that’s what makes them charged up for something constant in their life. They try to avoid such kind of love that starts to disinterest them after a point of time. They are always in search of something that gives them their own time and freedom as well. If you try to impart a kiss on an Aquarius, it would make them feel that you are available. You need to make them feel your absence in order to make them feel your presence. Aquarius does not prefer abiding by the rules that others have created for them. They love to follow their own rules according to their own time and life. You cannot shake an Aquarius on the terms of sensual compatibility. They think ahead of time. They love to have a uniqueness when it comes to choosing a partner. The more unique, the more they crave for them. To break the traditional norms, these zodiacs are also into the process where they have no problem when it comes to living together.


Aquarius loves the idea of being liberated. They love to seek the freedom that is given to them through sexual preferences. If it is about moving on with a causal relationship or dealing with vague relationships, they have no problem at all if they want to be in a relationship with more than one partner. Aquarius prefers to keep their ideas and options both overflowing. Aquarius feel bonded being tied to only a single person. They need to be given with their freedom from time to time to come back to where they belong.


Aquarius is the best with their compatibility when it comes to Gemini and Libra. They should not be kept along with Taurus and Scorpio to avoid a big fight because even though they are a fixed sign, Aquarius and Taurus can never be on the same page. Aquarius is more drawn towards anything that is cyber and does not need attention to reality. They keep the physical attachment at bay to avoid heartache and emotional turmoil. They are prone to overthinking which makes them equally vulnerable at times. They are into role-playing and fantasies. They have the feeling of getting aroused seeing their partner in bed with someone else. When they mate with their partners, their brain works more than their heart. Aquarius loves the idea of anal sex as such physical attributes arouse them badly. The sensation and the stigma make them feel hyperintense about the fact of bearing the pain along with the pleasure that they derive. Aquarius has the tendency to act cold in bed. They are open-minded at the point of extremity and when the fear starts to build around them, it starts to make them feel quite uncomfortable. They have the habit of losing control to what they don’t entertain in the relationship. They always need to be boosted for having sex which turns their partners off at times. They are not quite open with the idea of being dominated on. They love to keep love according to their own thoughts and when it is applicable to them.