Are you all strong-willed and an Independent kinda personality? Well, then I guess you’re definitely a Sagittarius, isn’t it? Being all adventurous and full of surprises is their USP and apart from these daring qualities they also have a heart of gold with everything that one needs to be a high-spirited personality. The Sagittarius has a natural gift of being able to judge the situation from another person’s perspective so you’ll not regret going to a Sagittarius if you’re up for some life-changing lessons. Since they are natural-born leaders they have no business in what others think or what they’re doing and they just like to step away from the pack. They are extremely giving from advice to loyalty Sagittarius is without a doubt the best kind of people to be around if you’re feeling low or even if you’re in a mood to have fun. People with almost every quality are hard to find, but consider yourself lucky if you have the privilege to know a Sagittarius in your circle. It sure does have a darker side of being too social and emotional which is highly visible in the case of Sagittarius and they are often come out as people without hardly any empathy in them, but that not entirely true in fact, they have an unbeatable level of understanding when you need a good listener by your side. Well, speaking of Sagittarius being extremely giving then why not discuss a little about how they might be around their partners. 


There no need to think twice before staying that Sagittarius people have the best ideas and efforts it comes to making their loved one feel loved and wanted more than ever. In bed or in any intimate kinda love relationship, they are super giving and adventurous. Always up for trying something new from toys to gestures to positions. When we take the sexual traits of a sagittarius into consideration we do come to the conclusion that they will never keep you waiting or bored as they have the most sensual and lustful plans to give you chills all over your body. So, if you’re planning to date a sagittarius or go on an intimate night with them then you might get ready for some extremely goofy and steamy surprises all in one go. 

Even though Sagittarius themselves have an unmatchable energy level and adventurous skills, but they do expect the same from their partner as they have a deep urge for a sparring partner. They tend to start foreplay while standing up and begin to create some heat amongst the two. This sign sure does know how to break a sweat and have the time of their lives while there in bed. Sagis make their sex lives more like an athletic triumph was making deep connections and touching souls is not a priority instead of breaking a leg and having a satisfactory time is all they want in that mood. 


Having sex with Sagittarius is more like having to be able to make jokes and have good and playful time including the experimentation with certain toys and positions is all that says love about intimacy. They keep the satisfaction level of their partners as their major priority, but that does not mean that they could sacrifice their own needs while they’re in bed. The fact that this sign is ruled by Jupiter which is the planet of wisdom makes it clear that doesn’t rely just on physical attraction, but also on the emotional compatibility with their partner. Mostly, all the Sagittarius tend to be highly confident and firm when it comes to having an intimate night with their partner, but some exceptions are always there so, there might be one or two in the flock who have the trait of being shy or not that direct. 

So, all in all, fun, sexual, emotional, and adventurous these are all the traits of a Sagittarius, so, if you’re the kind of person attracted to all these qualities then, you might find a Sagittarius as a partner. So, hurry up as these people are taken very soon.