Pisces is known to be the zodiac which tends to stay in their own dreamland. It is easy to make them lose themselves in a very spiritual at oneness, by giving them the best sex. They are very mystical and bed and are able to shake the ground beneath your feet in order to show their magic and make you fall under their spell.  They very well know how to seduce and capture your heart so that you will be spinning under an unavoidable web of conjuration. They will easily blow a little Stardust in your eyes and make you go all head over heels for them.  You will fall for them effortlessly because of their beautiful dreams. But most of the time when you come back to your senses you will notice the element of unreality especially about love which is not exactly what it seems when it comes down to Pisces. It is advised not to take their beautiful dreams seriously as it might seem a little vague once you get a clear picture of their thoughts. They are very hideous about themselves, especially emotionally. Just when you begin to think that you are close to a Pisces, they will start giving out ambiguous vibrations. These ambiguous vibrations are the thoughts that they will keep to themselves forever.

Requirements before Sex for Pisces:

They are known to be escapists if they are unable to achieve something they have long planned for. This urge of powerful escapism can be seen in terms of intimacy as well. They love dreaming about adventurous and wild sexual fantasies with lofty ideals but that is just restricted to their imagination. When it comes to real-life situations it is hard to understand what’s in their mind and how to satisfy them. They have great dreams and expectations that they wish are fulfilled when they fall in love. But as soon as they do, they start feeling that everything is delusional and see their dreams falling apart. Pisces, just like the other water element zodiacs are very vulnerable especially emotionally. They tend to get hurt very easily compared to any other zodiac sign. Even though they get hurt easily, they are comparatively more forgiving. They do not stay in the self-pity mode for a long time as their idealism and trust get back to their original position quickly. They might be feeling low one minute but their feelings change with the speed of lightning so they will be normal the next minute. In bad they tend to be very submissive and love doing role play. They will do or become anything to satisfy their partners. They have contrasting tendencies whereby themselves they are a very thoughtful and a gentle lover but a little difficult to be pinned down since they are darn elusive.

Sexual Fidelity of Pisces:

Making a Pisces fall in love is not difficult as day tend to do so very frequently and easily. Hence there are high tendencies of them cheating on you. This is because there may be an emotional imbalance in them even though they might be physically faithful. If they happen to have a crush while being in a relationship then there are chances of them fantasizing about their later crush while being in bed with the current. It is difficult to know what is going on in the heart and mind of a Pisces leave alone being able to satisfy them.

Sexual Compatibility for Pisces:

Pisces and Cancer- both come under the water element zodiac and tend to resonate with their thoughts. It is easy for both of them to predict the opposite desires.

Pisces and Virgo- they have strong sexual compatibility. They are very relaxed with each other and do not feel awkward thus, increasing their physical intimacy.

Pisces and Scorpio- they share a strong bond and a surrounded by a dreamy aura. Their sexual experiences are full of intense emotions and romance.

Pisces and Gemini- both of them are adventurous in bed and love to experiment with different role plays. But this pair is not suitable for a long-term relationship.

Pisces and Sagittarius- the only common interest between these two zodiacs is the sexual relationship. Table love indulging in risqué and offbeat sexual ventures.