Things You Need to Know Before Having Sex with a Libra

Things You Need to Know Before Having Sex with a Libra

Libras in love are very passionate. They can fall in love very easily. If you are getting attracted towards a Libra then you probably know how fast Libras falls for someone. Sometimes, they can get attracted to some person on the first date only. They are loyal signs and hence, committing to any relationships doesn’t take much time. They are looking for good relationships in life. You will be able to notice the love on their face. When Libras are in love, they are happy and constantly smiling. They want a balance in their life, they don’t want to get too attached with their career and at the same time not get lost in their love life as well. They believe in balancing everything.  Being in love with Libras are very exciting. Their personalities are very unique. But what is the things you should keep in mind when you are trying to have physical intimacy with them?

Following are certain tips that should be kept in mind when you are in bed with Libra -

Be Romantic

Libras are hopelessly romantic and they love when their partner does romantic things in bed. They love foreplay more than anything. Kisses, touch, hugs, etc. make them very sensual in bed. So when you are in bed with a Libra, then you should definitely be a little romantic. Touch their erogenous zones, pull them closer, do things such that they can’t resist it. They are themselves a very romantic person so you will understand it in bed. They will keep doing romantic stuff so that the mood stays up in the room.

Surprise them

Libras love surprises. So instead of telling them earlier, surprise them. Unplanned sex is the best for Libras. When they are returning from work, you can decorate your house with candles and surprise them. In bed too, they would love it if you do new things. They get bored easily and love to experiment with different kinds of stuff. Hence, experiment and try out new things in bed. It will always make Libras want to be more sexually attached to you.

Be adventurous

Be adventurous in bed. Don’t be shy or overthink in front of Libras. They love bold and thrilling sex with their partners. Try using different positions and locations. It will keep the surprise element on as well. They love to make their sex life exciting. You can also try to talk dirty with the Libras. They can get easily seduced when they speak about their sexual desires in bed. These things will turn them on very easily. They love foreplay and they must satisfy their foreplay desires.

Have sexual conversations in bed

As mentioned above, the most important thing to keep in mind while having physical intimacy with Libra is that they love foreplay. So try out different things that can seduce them. One of the most useful techniques is by having sexual conversations in bed. It works best for Libras. They enjoy dirty talks, sexual conversations a lot. So, try to talk in a sensual tone, have conversations that can turn them on.

Compliment them

Another beautiful thing you can do is compliment them in bed. Compliment always brings a smile to the face of everyone. Hence, foreplay, different positions, etc. will all work but in the end, compliments will just make the experience even more beautiful. Tell them how much you love them, how amazing the experience was, and compliment them more. This will surely make Libras want more sexual intimacy with you.

In the end, remember they are beautiful humans. They love you and this is the reason they are getting involved in physical intimacy with you. So, be calm and try to enjoy the experience as much as possible. Feeling and experiencing the moment will make you enjoy it even more.