Leos are people who are charming and charismatic by nature, and they are fiercely protective over the people they love. A Leo is a person who is born between the twenty third of the month July and the twenty second of the month August, and they belong to the fire element.

They are stubborn by nature and do not move or budge from their decision no matter what. So, it is only natural that a Leo woman has all of these qualities and more. A Leo woman is very confident in herself and her choices, and she makes an amazing leader.

People look up to her as an example and are always in awe when in her presence. People tend to find a Leo woman to be intimidating and will fight tooth and nail for whatever they believe is right or for whatever they decide they want as their own.

No one can sway them away from their goals and they are always the loyal ones.  

So, what are the things you need to know before dating a Leo woman? 

A Leo woman is extremely overdramatic.  

Leos need the spotlight to themselves and hate not being the centre of anyone’s attention. So, this means that she will be overdramatic not just about wanting your attention to herself but because she also genuinely feels that way.

She tends to get emotional, and is very much in touch with her emotional side. She loves being dramatic and just extra, because that is just a huge part of her personality.  

A Leo woman is confident and assertive. 

A Leo woman is the first one to make the first move and will always go for the kill at the right moment. She does not think, she just follows her instinct and her gut. She is not the kind of person to shy away, but in fact walk right in the face of danger. A Leo woman is very confident and does not hesitate at all. She does what she wants to do, and she does it her way.

She is not afraid to express her opinion in the bluntest possible way and she definitely speaks her mind. She knows what she wants and what exactly she wants to speak on, and why she wants to speak on. 

A Leo woman is very sensual and passionate. 

Whatever a Leo woman decides to do, she does it with all her heart. Be it a new beau or a new project, she gives it her all. She is very sensual and people are attracted to her confidence and her charismatic self.

She has the grace of a cat, and no matter what the situation is, she will always land on her feet. She is very passionate by nature and be it whatever, she has the zest for life and the projects she undertakes. 

A Leo woman can be very determined. 

She is the kind of person who once sets her mind or even her eyes on something, there is no budging her from her path. She is very stubborn and this will definitely get on your nerves when the both of you may argue, because expecting her to back down from the argument or her point is quite futile. 

A Leo woman is quite creative by nature. 

She is extremely resourceful and creative by nature, and you know for a fact that if you need something to be done no matter what, she is the person who will get it done under the direst circumstances as well. She finds ways to do things no one has ever thought about and her mind is always brimming with solutions for every problem of yours. 

A Leo woman is protective of the people she loves, fiercely loyal and also very expressive of the way she feels. She also has a lot of pride, and that comes with her being dominating by nature and having a flair to be a leader.

She has the way to charm anyone, and there is no one who can say no to her. People instantly find themselves comfortable in her presence when she wants them to feel home and she always follows what her gut says rather than what people say.