Being a Scorpio is hard. They are extremely sensitive people who have a hardened exterior in order to protect their feelings and their heart. They are definitely intimidating people by nature, but when it comes to the people they love and care about, they turn into huge softies. They hate showing their soft side to anyone and would prefer if people feared them and maintained their distance than tried getting closer to them and take their advantage. They are ruled by the planet Mars and are people who are born between the twenty third of October and the twenty first of November.  

So, what are the most common personality traits that make a Scorpio man? 

A Scorpio man is very brave and extremely loyal

A Scorpio man is always the one who will protect you with his life at the first sign of danger and will ensure that you remain safe and sound, or at least try his best within his capacity to ensure that you are safe from danger. They are also people who are very loyal to their partners and hate it when their partner doubt upon them or their loyalty to them or their commitment to their relationship. They place a lot of honor and value on loyalty and hate it when someone tries to test theirs. 

A Scorpio man is very ambitious by nature and nothing can stop them. 

They are extremely ambitious people who once have their eyes set on the goal, they will go for it no matter what obstacle comes in their way. They tend to have an one track mind when it comes to goals and will not stop until they achieve their goal. One goal after the other, they always set the bar high and aim for the stars. For them sky is not the limit and they are always pushing themselves to do and perform better in whatever they do.  

A Scorpio man is honest and straightforward

They are people who are very honest, and if they want to lie about anything, they would, they make great liars. But when it comes to lying to a loved one or even their partner, they cannot lie at all because there are emotions and feelings involved and they prefer not lying at all, and it becomes a matter of honor and pride. While they are extremely honest, they also tend to get secretive and hate showing their feelings all the time, even when it comes to their partner. They would prefer not showing how they feel and would rather hide how they feel, and not show how vulnerable they actually are.  

A Scorpio man is very sexual and loving 

They are people who have a high sex drive and are very sexual. For them, they show their love through touch and emotion, and sex is another outlet for them. They will love and spoil their partner when they are in love, and in fact, Scorpios are people who enjoy being in love and just having a partner to come home to and share their thoughts and feelings. It is another way of them feeling secure in the relationship and just feeling loved. 

A Scorpio man gets easily jealous and possessive 

A Scorpio man is extremely possessive and territorial. It could even be your friend at work you could be talking to, and they will still get jealous. In fact, they are very territorial when it comes to their partners and hate sharing their partners. Sometimes, while they do not like that their partner can get insecure about them, tit is definitely alright if they get slightly insecure about their partner. They can get resentful as well, and are jealous of almost anyone that gets to be close to you. They never ever forget an instance where they have felt or been jealous about their partner.