Virgos are the people who have birthdays between the twenty-third of August and the twenty-second of September and are ruled by the planet Mercury. They are people who are extremely resourceful and ambitious people who rely on their hard work to be successful. They are calculative by nature and while they do have a serious exterior, they are people who are very gentle. They are honest, brutally so, and straight to the point, and hate it when someone beats around the bush or plays mind games with them. They are workaholics who love their work much to their partner’s annoyance. So, what does a Virgo do or react when they are jealous?

They tend to be distant and try their best to hide it.

Virgos hate being jealous and they will do their best to hide it and in order to deal with the whole feeling of jealousy, they will distance themselves from you and whatever made them jealous in the first place. They are agitated and dislike feeling this way. They are people who are extremely honest, so when they feel that they are jealous, and they try to hide it, it is a complete knee jerk reaction that is, that they try to hide their jealousy because they do not want you to know that they are jealous and they try to play it off.

They are confused.

Jealousy is new to them and they definitely do not like this feeling where they feel like labelling their partner as theirs. They become slightly territorial which is a primal need in every partner, while their brain also tells them to play it off and act as though it does not matter and everything is okay because they know that they are being completely irrational.

They will overthink the whole situation and may even be less attentive than usual.

Your Virgo partner will definitely, without any doubt overthink the whole situation and over analyse it, and draw their own conclusions and will be less attentive towards you. Their responses will be short and polite, clipped even, and they will immerse themselves in their work and beholding a smokescreen in front of you. Not only that, but they will also be colder and use a passive-aggressive approach towards their partner, mainly because they are hurt and confused that they feel jealous, and the other being that they have no idea how to deal with this.

They become suspicious.

Virgos are people who guard their heart zealously and have a small circle of friends whom they can trust. So, when they choose you as their partner, consider yourself lucky because they are extremely choosy and picky people who only choose a partner they are compatible with. So, when they feel jealous, they instantly start doubting their choice because obviously, they start overthinking. All in all, Virgos are people who very thoughtful people and make the best partners. They always put their partner’s needs above theirs and treasure their partner. They give the best advice and are the people who keep a calm head when the situation gets too stressful for others. Not only that do they have your back and are immensely loyal to their partner, but they will try their level best to get you out of your funk. They will always push you out of your comfort zone and support you in whatever venture you decide to join or do. They will push you to be the best versions of yourself, to do better and to aim for the stars. They are your number one supporter and cheerleader, best friend and everything in between. They are great listeners and you could go on to rent all about how bad your day was and they will hear you out patiently without even interrupting you. They will go out of their way to make the rest of your day better and make you feel even more loved.