Traveling is not fun if you have issues with the stuff you’ve carried to your holiday destination. Prior planning and research are very essential to enjoy a happy vacation. So make sure to list down all the things you require before stepping out of your comfortable home to a beautiful unknown place.

Make sure you are well aware of the culture, food, languages, people’s interest, and all possible things related to the place you are going to visit. This way you can have a memorable and a hassle-free vacation!

Here are some points to keep in mind-


The most important point in planning a trip is the ‘BUDGET’. Make sure to have a budget to avoid over-expenditure and browse the web thoroughly to get the best holiday and travel deals

Duration of the trip:

Make sure to plan your trip according to the time you have at hand.

Your travel companion/s:

Trips depend on the people who are accompanying you. It can be a business trip, a family trip, a romantic trip, or a fun trip with friends, so make sure to choose the right place according to the requirement.

Purpose of the trip:

What is the purpose of your trip? Is it a family trip? A romantic trip? Or a business trip? Where you go depends on why you are taking up this trip.

Geography and climate:

If you any medical issues, do not choose places that might make it worse or for that matter even trigger it.

Where to eat:

Find the restaurants you can go to if you are intolerant to some food or ingredients or you are a vegetarian, etc.

Best way to travel to the destination:

Check the best way to reach your destination which is either by air, road, rail, or water.

Best ways to commute around the city:

If you have listed down which all places you want to visit, simultaneously check which mode of transportation is feasible i.e. prefer metros rather than wasting money on cab rides.

Travel distance and time between various locations or attractions:

Plan each day’s itinerary so as to avoid confusions during the trip. This will help you to have a smooth trip.

Local laws, basic rules, and regulations:

When going to countries that are very strict with their laws and procedures, make sure to be aware of it for e.g. countries like China, UAE, etc.

The current weather condition in destination:

Know the climate and weather conditions before arriving at your vacation destination so that you don’t end up getting out of the airport in warm clothes while the weather is warm and sunny there.

Basic terminologies in the local language of destination:

Don’t just stick to say the greeting words while communicating with the locals, a few other words which can make your sentence more understandable will be really useful.

Booking the right hotel:

Don’t book hotels that make you feel weird as soon as you check their reviews and surroundings just because of their low rates, they might scam you and your whole holiday mood might be ruined. Instead, check for the hotels that easily connect to markets, public transportation, etc.

Hidden charges for visa:

There are countries that may follow the facility of Visa on Arrival and might demand some fee when you land in that country. Make sure to know the fee and procedures beforehand so as to not get unexpected and unpleasant surprises

Women safety:

If you’re having a girl's trip and you have clubbing or some night activities on your itinerary make sure to know the place properly beforehand so as to avoid harm or any unnecessary issues.

Secure your belongings:

No matter which country, theft is imminent. Be cautious and look after your baggage and other belongings.

Keep the world updated:

You might think that this is a little show-off kind of attitude but this can actually save you if at all you are in some trouble. Make sure to inform your friends and family members about your check-ins through calls or by updating your status on social media. Always keep in touch with your family.

Register with your embassy:

Know the locations of Indian embassies in the country you are visiting so as to be able to contact them if you are in some situation of emergency.

Book tickets after midnight:

If you book air tickets after midnight, you might find really good deals and cheaper fares.

Buy tickets for sightseeing and events in advance:

If you plan on buying some concert tickets once you arrive at the destination, you might be disappointed to see the ‘SOLD OUT’ sign. It is always better to book any tickets beforehand to avoid any kind of issues.

Download e-guides and maps:

Depending only on virtual maps might be a little troublesome hence download the holiday place’s maps or e-guidebooks in advance.

Look after your money:

Know the currency of the country you are visiting beforehand so as to not get shocks or surprises.

Inform your credit card bank about your vacation plans so that they don’t abruptly cut down your transactions because you are in some other country.

Having local cash is handy instead of removing your credit card everywhere because you never know whether the ATM around you is working or if there is an ATM around in the first place.

Carry the essentials:

Always carry important items that might not seem important like a charger adapter so that you can charge your appliances from any type of plug.

Get some snacks with you if you feel the food might not suit your taste or your appetite.

Carrying an extra set of clothes is very smart and safe the decision, be it to a beach place or a place with rainy weather.

All these essentials are a must but so is packing like a pro! Carry just the essentials in a portable and light suitcase.

If you follow these points then you will surely have a joyful and memorable vacation.