There are many people who prefer to let go of what has happened to them or occurred in their life. They might even make sure to forget the reason for their heartbreak. These are the zodiacs who prefer not to invest their energy and space over matters that won’t help in their future. But not all are the same. There are zodiacs who keep detailed information in their memory.

If something gets attached to their mind, regarding the instances of their relationship, it would stay with them forever. Here is the list of the few zodiacs who has the strongest of the memories.


It is impossible for a Scorpio to forget when someone breaks their hope and trust or hurts them badly. Being the mysterious sign, they make sure to keep it all to themselves. Growing with the negative mindset, replaying the situation over and over again, they reach the situation that leads to vengeance. Due to the grudges that they hold, it creates a new level of difficult barrier to move on from that situation. Letting go is an excruciating process for a Scorpio because once stricken, it stays with them forever. They need to recover from it for their own health- both mentally and physically.


The opposite sign of the Scorpio that sits in the list of the zodiac is Taurus. And no wonder, this sign has hit the list. Taurus are a kind of people who remember each and every mistake that has taken place in their life. Being the most adamant zodiac, they build grudges and it becomes quite a hard process for them to let go. After you have committed the first mistake, they will become super cautious while dealing with you. They would make sure not to bestow you with the second chances after you have spoilt the first one.


Cancer are one of the emotional signs which makes them exposed to every emotions that comes to them. They absorb each of those emotions equally- be it positive or negative. Therefore, being into the aura of so many emotions, they may deliberately bury down their memories for others with the intention to forget the wrongs that has been done to them. But the reality is no memory get erased from a Cancer’s mind.


Capricorn are the zodiacs who are blessed with the power of remembering details of their life. Be it the birthdays or the important dates that are quite special to them. Therefore, when it comes to a haunting memory, they will make sure to keep them aside and forgive you for your wrong doings and actions. But what bugs them for the lifetime is that they will never forget each and every instances of faults that has been done to them. It will always stay in their mind and heart whatever they do or wherever they go.


Virgos are blessed the memories that never erase from their directories. They do not forget the things that are permanent though they might have the tendency to forget the day to day activities or small things that do not bear any profit. It becomes very difficult to deal with a Virgo who never forgets because even if they forget a little, they will make sure to remember it again and keep them fresh in their heart, mind and soul.


Libras are extremely conscious about almost everything that revolves around them. They have a regulation of what to keep in mind and what to let go. They know how to use sweet words to cut one’s throat. Because they have a delicate soul, it becomes a strenuous process in the time of letting go. When someone wrongs them, they go into the loop of self-guilt. They are ready to forgive your mistakes but if the mistake gets committed by them, they will remember it for the whole lifetime.

We all make mistakes but be careful whom you meddle around with. Not everyone are like wind that with time, the wind would carry the memories away. It is always better to stay affirmative and positive to others.

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