Men could be hard to comprehend. And to top all of it, women can make it much worse. But men and women, when they come together, often end up making miracles. There are several aspects and traits about a man that women get attracted to. These aspects make them extremely rare. Being possessive could come across as very sexy to women. They tend to like when men become too crazy over them. They tend to feel another level of intimacy. Nowadays, it is very uncommon to do so. Women love to spin their heads and feel the same intense emotion when done by men. Women fall knee-deep with men when they listen to them kindly. Treating your woman like a queen can come across very special to women, men have no idea about it. If you act possessive for your woman. That implies how much you love them. This way, women love to stay firm and strong about their man's love.




Yes, you heard me right! women love those things about men the most. When they become caring and smile with a warm nature, women naturally get drawn to them. They are tougher than women so take everything inside them and don't show a glare of blue. Men can be prone to depression too but little did women know that they are best at hiding their emotions. Men can treat women as their grandma, there is no doubt about it that women might love it to the dime. Men can be super emotions. Women love it when men tend to display their emotions without a mirror or any transparency. Men and women were made specially, there is no doubt about it. The way they come together and turn the tables speaks a lot about their kinship. Women like to be pampered to the core, so they tend to cater to men's needs very easily. But what happens when men do the same with the woman of your life? Caring for your partner is the sexiest thing on the earth.




Men are very true to their feelings, they cannot deny that. When they love somebody, they love them to the core. Women love men who are very intense with their feelings. They love to display their affection even though they are very hurt. Women tend to feel happy and experience the best emotions when they are held and loved by their men.  Love is a beautiful feeling and makes both the genders mad about one another. It is a feeling that both of them seem to relish and dwell extensively. Love can be overwhelming when it comes to relationships. Women melt when the men they love tend to love them more and to the punch. Relationships seem to be very delicate. These are the best traits that women love about men. They adore men who are very charming as well as very tender when it comes to treating the woman of their life. Women love the fact that men become too sensitive about them. That emotional kick draws them closer to them inch by inch. Their relationship develops deeply with time. And women tend to like it. Men are like best friends for women. Despite their relationship, they love to treat them like babies and women tend to love it fervently. This remains the strength of their relationship or friendship, there is no doubt about that. Women like to see their men when they are super honest about themselves as well as their emotions. Men can be steadfast, unlike women. But, the fact that men and women can become best friends forever seems to be the heart of every relationship. Their kinship makes them stronger than ever. When it comes to their relationship, their love makes them stronger with time. Women love when men are very vocal about their feelings and emotions. They love to see two sides of the coin, no matter what prevails under the sun. Men are free to do anything but if they do it within the boundaries, then women can accept it whatsoever.