Theory Of Karma

Theory Of Karma


According to Vedanta, all the Karma of life is stored in the spirit or soul of a person, the individual soul, or the aspect of the soul is maintained by Karma.

We can describe three types of Karma which are based on process the place and time as well as all different aspects of particular birth of an individual, and the new Karma you carry it out on a daily basis for the whole lifetime.  

It is believed that life means nothing but Karma.

So, if think of this aspect to be true related to Karma, we understand that Karma is an action or whichever activity we do. Also, we can understand that it also means that life is just all about actions. And if we further connect these actions to our daily lifestyle, we are very well aware of the fact that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Abiding by this theory and inter-linkings, we can conclude that Karma is basically an action that affects our daily life activities and its effects on us.

Karma cannot be avoided at any cost in any person’s life.


 Also, we should not forget that the Karma cannot be escaped even if you want it to be. Whatever you do comes back to you. In other words, if we think practically, we will pass by the fact that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, this theory applies to Karma as well. Therefore, when you apply Karma with the same intensity, you will get the results with that intensity only.

Depending on your previous actions or the actions that you have done so far, this could create happiness or suffering based on what type of energy you have put and with which mentality, i.e., with positive mindset or a negative mindset.

Whatever happens is the result of Karma being released which, no matter how you view the situation is a good thing and an opportunity for future growth. However, if you put your Karma in a negative direction, you will get your Karma based on that only.


One thing which we forget is or do not notice is that God gives us the main fruit of being happy and contented, even if other things are not coming in ample measures. Similarly, for the negative things, God pays whatever Karma is done by you.

As per the Karma-Phala, or in other words, the fruits of Karma or the actions can definitely provide good results for good work is done if the Karma is done with good intentions.

But the moment the person tries to be selfish and work only for fame or negative or selfish mindset, the consequences of such Karma hits at a different level with different intensity.


Therefore, Gita’s message based on the Karma’s theory is that one needs to do and give their best at all situations and not be utterly selfish under any situation or circumstances. Also, one should never have any type of ego. The reason behind this, i.e. to do Karma accordingly, indeed is the art of karma yoga which gives the same amount of reaction with the same intensity just as with the Karma being done at the beginning of time.

According to the astrologers in every astrology system, a person is not able to escape the consequences of his actions in any way but he will suffer only if he himself has made the conditions ripe for his suffering. In simpler words, one will face good actions only if he has done his Karma with good intentions and will face severe consequences and of same intensity, if Karma is done with the negative intentions indeed.

Ignorance of the law, according to all types of astrology systems existing in the world, is no excuse whether the laws are man-made or universal. Whether it is the Universal Law or Personal Law, all the laws are not to be excused out in any situation.

The Law of Karma is unavoidable in any situation and everyone invariably is subjected to it no matter at what time and in which manner.

Sometimes the individuals remain mysterious to the fact that most of their life is spent in undergoing destiny which is created by their karmas or deeds in our past births. Their life goes towards their destiny no matter whichever road they take too.

Every positive deed which we do generates a merit or a positive outcome. However, every negative deed results in a demerit or a negative outcome.


According to the astrology, whether it is Indian or Vedic astrology or it is the Chinese astrology, Karma and Destiny are inter-related which in turn forms the inseparable chain with life. Actions, memories and desires are what determine the Karma, which reflects the shades of destiny in turn. And the destiny is what the marking point is of any individual’s life.

The energy, whether is positive or negative, flows in the destiny road of any individual and makes them do Karma in their life. This helps them to understand what is going to be their life from the beginning of life to their end.