The zodiac signs that make the most devoted and submissive husband

The zodiac signs that make the most devoted and submissive husband

Since generations, dominance is a characteristic that has been associated with men. It is a man who becomes the best leader, it is a man who has an upper hand in a relationship... on and on these stereotypes goes on. But we all know that the ladies, for many generations have been underestimated.

These zodiac signs let their wives rule the marriage. 

Coming to a marital relationship, in many cultures, it has been pointed out that it is the man who is supposedly more dominant and in power. Any relationship where the man doesn’t have an upper hand, it is ridiculed beyond measures. These are the few zodiac signs that are far from this stereotype and are so passionate in their relationship with their wives that they allow them to be the dominant one. 


This can come as a big shock to many who know what Leos are like. This sign is completely self-centred and hardly ever listens to anyone else’s opinions. But when they get married, especially out of love, they become so devoted to their partners that they let them be the biggest influencing factor. They extend their obsession to both themselves as well as their partner. Everything in their life becomes about their wife. If their wife wants something, the loving Leo husband would do anything in their means to make their wife feel happy and satisfied. Even if it means that the Leo husband would have to compromise, this usually ‘selfish’ sign is full-on willing to do everything with the simple intention of making their wife happy. 


Before marriage, they are all about being stubborn and only listening to themselves. But soon after they get married, their behaviour changes and they start valuing their wife’s opinion just as much as themselves. They want to share everything with their wife, all their joyful days and their bad days. They value their relationship more than anything else in their life. As an outcome of this utter devotion, they pay full attention to their wife and every want of theirs. They pamper their wife to all extremes and make their wife feel valued and loved throughout the marriage. 


They find marriage as a very sacred bond. They value the commitment needed in this relationship and go all the way to make it long-lasting and fulfilling. They do everything that is in their hand to make their wife feel full comfort and pleasure in the relationship. They want their wife to feel loved, valued and lucky to be with them. Whenever they suspect that their wife is upset with them or due to something else, they think of creative ways they can use to handle the situations and make their wife feel better, emotionally as well as physically. They are hardly ever able to say no to the wishes of their wife and for the sake of a happy marriage, they allow their wife to make decisions.


This water sign is full of tolerance. They are willing to accept any and everything their partner throws at them in a relationship. A Pisces let their wife make or influence decisions for many reasons. They respect their wife enough to know that they are going to take the correct decision. Moreover, they also believe in harmony. They go an extra mile and are ready to compromise if it meant that any unnecessary feuds can be avoided. 

Any woman who is married to any of these signs should find them utterly lucky. They’d be completely pampered and each of their wants and needs would be properly taken care of. These signs are very devoted and committed in their relationship. They never let their wife go to sleep angry and always have the perfect gift planned for their anniversaries. They always go the extra length to bring peace into the relationship and rarely would it happen that the husband would let their wife feel undervalued or upset for longer durations.