The Yes, No's and Maybe's in the World of Tarot Cards

The Yes, No's and Maybe's in the World of Tarot Cards

The world and art of Tarot card reading have existed in our lives for a very long time although it has gained popularity in recent times. Tarot cards are cards that contain a variety of symbols. Each card and each symbol have specific meanings. They are used to interpret questions and provide meaningful answers. Tarot cards are known for their rich symbolic meanings and are thus used by tarot card readers to help customers answer important life questions.

Forming a story through details of cards are also popular in the realm of astrology. Tarot cards use many different techniques and many different methods. One of the most common methods of tarot card reading is yes and no tarot cards. 


What is Yes No Tarot Readings? 

In yes-no tarot readings, questions are very specific and tarot cards are studied in ways to provide affirmative or negative answers. In yes-no tarots, each card has a specific charge attached to it. The charges are positive, negative, and neutral. Positively charged cards give an affirmative answer in a Yes, the negatively charged answers provide a negative answer in a No, while the neutrally charged cards provide a neutral answer that is a maybe. Let us see examples of Yes, No, and Maybe cards and what they mean. 


The Ace of Wands- Yes Card 

The person who gets the ace of wands is bound to be a winner. The ace of wands is an indication for materializing all your imagination, creative ideas, and stirrings. The card provides immense positive energy. It is an indication of birth to possibilities. It helps provide one with valuable inspiration that one can use to progress in life. Use the ace of wands to light the spark in you. It will help you foster the flame, gain the energy, internalize the power within you, and ultimately lead you to the path of success. The ace of wands guides you to find your creative genius and give birth to ideas that have always been fostered within you. 


The Moon Card- No card 

All may not seem what it looks like today and it will be tough for you to get to the bottom of it. The moon card is strongly linked to intuition and creates a sense of knowledge. however, it gravely differs from hard cold facts. This is a cause of concern and seems disconcerting as it fosters overactive imagination. One may constantly fear betrayal and misdeeds and may also be faced with the same. The moon's domain consists of the cloak, the clandestine, and the dagger. This antidote is the sole thing that contributes to creating this mundane imagination- your intuition. The only problem is, your intuition may not serve you in the correct path. 


The Hanged Man- Maybe Card 

The Hanged Man doesn't act as the tower does in turning your world upside down. Instead, it asks for you to turn your world upside down and view things from a different lens and perspective. It indicates for you to look at the situation through someone else's life that can help you with perspective and solutions for difficult situations. One must keep in mind that opinions are different from facts and facts do not contribute to changing opinions.

Thus, be very careful while dealing with strongly opinionated people. The Hanged man tells you to look ahead. If you ponder over the finer points of things that have gone wrong, you may forget to look at what matters and stop doing everything else. This will let you lead less than a productive day and you may feel you achieve less than what you ponder over in thoughts. 


Thus, such types of cards compose an entire deck or tarot spread. The yes cards indicate good times to take steps, progress, success, and achievements while the no cards tell you to slow down, be careful, and watch what you're doing. They give you faith as well as guidance.

The maybe cards are more philosophical and help you ponder over your thoughts, conquer your existence, and know what you're doing. All in all, the combination of tarot cards are great, rich in detail, and help you get a better perspective about life.