An Aquarius has a very unique style of flirting. These people will try to be spontaneous and are pretty unpredictable. They will flirt by grabbing their partner’s attention.

The most important trait that will attract an Aquarius is a person having good knowledge. They will always want to engage in a good and healthy discussion. One can always use their intellect in order to attract an Aquarius. Aquarius is easily liked by people and has a very witty nature. Their traits are reflected in their flirting style. When flirting, these people will be very friendly and funny with you.


Body Language of Aquarius while Flirting:

These people know what their shortcomings are and always reflect upon themselves. These people tend to back off as soon as they feel that their continuous talking has made people frown upon them and are getting bored. Their partner will have to keep reassuring them that they are extremely smart and their talks are interesting. Unless Aquarius isn’t told that people really want to listen to them, they will just not talk. Aquarius will always try to change themselves in order to become a better version of themselves. Therefore, their partner will see a new and improved lover in an Aquarius. If they like someone, they will concentrate on that one person only and might also indulge in some physical contact. This is just how an Aquarius flirts. However, Aquarius is very difficult to predict when it comes to flirting as these people use a lot of ways to flirt with someone they like. The most annoying thing about Aquarius is their self-control. These people will hide their feelings and make it almost impossible for their partner to read the minds of an Aquarius.


How Aquarius Man Flirts:

Attracting an Aquarius man is pretty simple. It is easy for their partner to know what really attracts these men and makes them attached to one person only. An Aquarius man will want the woman to have the same intelligence as he does. He will want to indulge in deep conversations about the meaning of life and the origin of human beings with his partner. This man has pretty different and complicated interests in life. This makes him tough to be with and a lot of women might not like such a partner in their life. An Aquarius man will choose his partner very carefully and decide to continue only if he thinks she is capable enough. He won’t really hesitate to ignore a very pretty woman if he thinks she is being fake. He will not want a superficial relationship with anyone. Aquarius man just cannot respect someone using tricks to attract him and might just decide to walk away from such a partner.

How Aquarius Woman Flirts:

An Aquarius woman is loved by all and she is way too social. The main traits that she uses in order to attract men towards her are her charm and beauty. She is the centre of attention at all social gatherings. She will behave in a very classy and dignified manner no matter what and will make sure that everyone around her feels important. Her presence in every gathering is like the cherry on the cake. Aquarius woman leaves the people mesmerized and thinking about her next moves. She is very complicated when it comes to flirting and shows a lot of different phases to her lover. She might appear a very strong woman who doesn’t need emotions and the very next moment might just become all fragile and girly, in need of extreme attention. She feels most confident in her skin this way and shows her partner all the personalities she has. However, she too wants a partner who can love her and care for her at all times. She will want her partner to show signs of love, respect and understanding as soon as the two meet. This leaves a great impact on an Aquarius woman. She does not like huge gestures and is easy to impress. A small gift which is well thought off will impress her deeply. She wants to have something that is associated with deep memory.