The Virgo Woman

The Virgo Woman

The ultimate combination of beauty and brains, the Virgo woman can achieve anything she puts her mind to. At first, she might seem like a shy girl next door but wait till you see her in command. She has multiple endeavors going on at once, and she does not shy away from responsibility. Read on to find out more about this wondrous lady:

Astrology has a big role to play in determining what kind of personality you have. Due to the position of the stars and planets, your sign gets affected, and that causes a huge impact. This also determines your habits and day-to-day routines.


The Positives:

These ladies are extremely smart and very organized. The more you get to know about her, the more you like it here. These are the major positive traits observed in her:

1. Wise

A Virgo woman has a very good intuition, and she gives extremely good advice. She is well red, knowledgeable, and a little bit of a philanthropist. In another life, she could have been a saint, but today she settles for being the wise girl, who seems more mature than her years. She can distinguish between right and wrong, and has a great sense of sarcasm! Her wit allows her to be extremely funny too.


2. Independent

A Virgo woman is self-sufficient. She can conquer things alone that she perhaps cannot with a team. She has opinions on everything! The political scenario of the nation, or conspiracy theories, she knows her answer to it all. What's more, is that she does not care about her critiques, which are not less in number. She does wait for motivation to come, she is her own inspiration! She is logical, and a problem solver too. This allows her the independence other people might not have access to!


3. Loyal

She does not let people down. In big friend-groups, she is always the one calling everyone to get-togethers and making sure that she helps anyone in need. She will support you to no end! There is very little chance that she cheats in a relationship because her honesty and loyalty mean the world. If she commits, she commits. There is no ‘if’ or ‘but’ in her scenario. She will listen to you, help you during hard times and the entire deal - as long as the trust and honesty are maintained.


4. Intelligent

This woman is a problem solver and a born intellect. Her mind is always thinking of something or the other, and she is very fond of reading. Her love for books takes her to strange places, and she loves it. For her, knowledge is power, and she is not ready to back down especially if she finds a subject that interests her. Her vast intellect and awesome logical reasoning skills make her a very attr1 personality.


5. Modest

But hold on. In spite of having so many qualities, she remains down to earth. She doesn't like to speak good of herself and sometimes does not take credit for her work. Instead, she works even harder than before, to prove that she is worth it. Not that it is required, because souls like her need to be preserved!


The Negatives:

There is a bad part of every single sign.We think you can work on yourself more to ensure the negative aspects do not overtake the good ones:

1. Perfectionist

She wants everything done your way, there is no other way. Her demanding and perfectionist self is always ready to criticize anyone and everything for not going according to her, and it is definitely not easy. She is a perfectionist, sometimes a little too much. Her OCD demands her to put things a certain way, look a certain way, or be completely in control of her life. Sometimes, the people around them are not very pleased with this. 


2. Sharp-tongued

If she finds any person who does not live up to her expectations or has committed a mistake, this lady can be extremely mean. She does not mean it, but she definitely cannot control it. Her tongue will spit out all the sarcastic comments the moment she finds herself unable to be in control.


3. Quiet

Even though she can be the life of the party, that stage is extremely difficult to reach for most people. This woman does not like talking and gets very shy in front of her elders, or people she does not know. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but during this time she is also unable to say no, which is not the best thing either.


So there you have it! A list of the good and bad traits of a Virgo woman. If you liked this article, please visit our official website for more. Stay tuned!