The ultimate tarot spread, experts use to take a grip of your future

The ultimate tarot spread, experts use to take a grip of your future

Everyone around us is scared of one thing- the future. Everyone is thoughtful and wishes to seek the answer to the same question- What does the future look like for me? There are plenty of people who are anxious about the very next moment or even the far-fetched possibilities. Tarot reading has the answers to all the questions that the human mind can think of. What if we told you, that you do not need to worry anymore about the future because Tarot can give you in-depth insights into it? Seem unreal? Well, it’s true, the art of tarot has this wonderful spread that will help you not only to know all the events that will occur in your life, but also the methods to take a hold of it. 

This five-card spread is fairly easy to perform. You need to get your deck of cards and shuffle it till your guts are satisfied. The next step is to take a deep breath think about the positivity of your future and randomly spread the deck. From this assortment, pick five cards one by one, and without looking at them place them on a surface in a line. Each card will tell you about a specific aspect of your life, be it the past, the present, or the future. The cards are numbered from left to right as the standard convention. 

Card number 1- The mysteries of the past

Past has gone by, so how can it be mysterious one may wonder. The past has mysteries of its own and determined how your future will look like. So thinking of the past and analyzing it becomes very important. The first card of this five-card spread, tells you about the speculations of the past you might be overlooking or did not know about.

Card number 2- Current happenings

This card deals with the events that have occurred in the recent past. Your present and subsequent future depend on your actions of the recent past. Imagine dropping a stone in water, the ripples are small at first and then they increase in magnitude. The recent past is like the initial ripple that grows. Abate the negativity from the first speck itself and you will get the energy and space to grow the positivity in the future.

Card number 3-The gift of the present

The center card of this tarot spread is also a central element of your moment. It answers the question of how you look at yourself at present. You take a plethora of conscious and subconscious decisions at any second. For the times when your subconscious guides your conscious mind, the tarot comes to the rescue to bring your subconscious mind to a positive path. This card will give you advice as to what you should change at the present moment to change your future for the better. This central card will connect to your soul and fetch answers to the questions you might have not heeded for a long time.

Card number 4- Imminent time ahead

This car talks about the near future in your life. The future you can change with most results. This deals with the areas in which you are stuck with your thought process and are finding it hard to move on. The “not moving on” is affecting your future for the worse. Ponder about the advice this card has to tell you. This will help you to change your course of the self-journey.

Card number 5- The far foresight

This card will come to aid those people who worry about what will happen in their life after years go by. This card foretells the possibilities you will encounter in your far future. See what this card has to tell you and it will tell you all about the enigmas of the future.  


The first card and the last card are placed at the extremes of the spread and the life. This is because the first card deals with the far past and the last card talks about the future. The way the tarot is arranged also signifies the happenings in life. Where the past occurs first and hence the first card is read and then at last future takes place, so we read the fifth card in the end following the same sequence.