Having a crush is bad enough, but doing something about it, like asking them out? Is absolutely nerve-wracking. You are afraid that you will make a fool out of yourself, which is definitely not something you would want to do, especially when you are about to ask them out. So, imagine if you match with them on Tinder, what would you even use as a conversation starter? You do not want to come off as boring and you definitely do not want your match to ghost you or even un-match you. Tinder makes it much easier though, but in a way not really. Consider it, if you asked the person out face to face, you would have got your answer there itself. But on Tinder, those waiting moments are agony, so stressful, it should be illegal.  

So, let us dive into the topic, shall we? 


Aries are people who are bold and aggressive. So, if your match is an Aries, they are definitely going to be the bolder and much dominant one, and they would prefer the date to be something that involves physical activity. They love people who are confident and naturally gravitate towards them. So make sure that you use a pickup line which makes you sound confident and sure of yourself without making you sound like a conceited peacock. 


Taureans are people who are known to be affectionate and stubborn. They love affection, especially when it comes to touching. They are very sensual and passionate people by nature as well. Introduce yourself making sure it does not sound like an interview and if you can, add a pickup line that is completely flirtatious. 


Geminis are great communicators and just love talking. They love living in the moment. Make sure that the pickup line that you choose is ultra funny because they love it when a person can make them laugh. 


Cancerians are the sensitive people who love it when people want to get to know them better and consider their feelings without them telling so. So, choose a pickup the line that intends to show that you are in not just for a toss in the hay but a little bit more than that.  


Leos are the charmers who are adventurous and love it when someone can make them laugh and give them the attention they need. So, choose a pickup line that is fun and remember to reply to them promptly and never make them wait. 


Virgos are the people who are much more guarded and they are not as open as the rest. It will take time to thaw them and get their attention. Brownie points to you if you have the uncanny ability to notice the smallest things. Use a pickup line that is utterly cheesy that will literally make them have an SMH moment. 


Libras love and the romance that comes along with it. They are ruled by the planet Venus which makes them sensual and passionate people by nature. They are in for the long haul so use a pickup line that will ensure them that you are in for a relationship and not just a mere fling.  


Scorpios intimidate you as well as draw you closer. You cannot help that. Choose a pickup line that makes them feel special or even makes them laugh. Make sure that the pickup line is not an overused one. 


Sagittarius believes in the motto that life is too short to have regrets and are always living life at the moment. They love laughing and make sure that your pick up line is crack worthy. 


Capricorns are much more subdued and are the practical kind of people. So make sure that your lick up line is more cute and cheesy, rather than flirty or even funny because you never know how your joke may be perceived. 


Aquarians are people who are very intelligent and people who can hold stimulating conversations have them by hook, line, and sinker. Make sure that your pick up line is funny, punny, and smart at the same time.  


Pisces are people who are creatively inclined and love knowing and meeting new people. Your pick up line should be funny, but not creepy, and could be extremely cheesy as well. 

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