The Two Sides of a Gemini that make them Impossible to Forget

People born between the 20th of May and with 20th of June fall under the sun sign of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. The twins symbolize Gemini. The twins are called Castor and Pollux, also known as the Dioscuri. Geminis are playful beings who possess high levels of intellect. They are also known as the social butterflies among the zodiac sign. Geminis live for passion and love attending parties, dinners, and happy hours. However, the twins have a meaning in a Gemini’s life. Geminis are known to have dual personalities and one must be very careful around them. Thus, anyone who comes in contact with a Gemini must look out for their color changes and be ready to remember them for better or for worse.


10 Reasons it is hard to forget a Gemini:


Jack-of-all trades. 

Geminis can excel in multiple arenas like academics, arts, dances, sports, and theatre. They have too much to fall back on which often plays to their disadvantage as it becomes hard for them to choose a particular path to follow. However, this immense talent and skills never fail to enchant and impress the onlooker. 

 Great Communication Skills. 

Geminis are excellent orators and love to speak to others. They hate moments of silence and possess the ability to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere. This makes other signs feel comfortable around them and also allows them to share intimate feelings and emotions with them. Geminis love to learn new things and then impart the knowledge of others. This plays to their partner’s advantage as in a relationship, they can effectively communicate their feelings and desires.

 Dual Personalities.

 As stated earlier, Geminis are people who possess multiple personalities and change colors very often. They might be nice to your face but as soon as you turn around, it is as if their masks come off and they are someone you never knew. This can cause a lot of distrust in them and if you clash with them, they can spread many rumors about you which has the potential of destroying your life.


Oh, Geminis and their desire for passion. They love what they do and always try new ventures. Especially in relationships, their expression of passion plays out both for the better and for the worse and this passion often transforms into jealousy. They go crazy head over heels and protect their partners at all costs. 


To understand a Gemini takes a lot of research as they are one of the most indecisive and inconsistent zodiacs of all time. They change their mind as fast as they change their colors. Their passion portrays itself even in their mood swings which range from a solid 10 to a sudden depressing 0. 

Always remember what you did to them. Gemini’s are usually very forgiving, however; they never forget what you did to them. They are very observant of your mistakes and take everything to heart. However, because of their charm, it becomes compulsory for you to regain their trust, and they always clear their way for you. 

Kind and Giving. 

Geminis are also known for their soft and caring nature as they go out of their way to help their loved ones. They are very generous and always believe in charity and helping the needy. This makes their charm quadruple and makes it almost impossible to stay away from them.

Superficial. Geminis are often attracted to superficial things and give them more attention than should be given. Geminis are led by the wrong things which are a major cause of their downfalls. This attraction to things that are not important must be controlled and a Gemini must learn to distinguish between the essential and the irrelevant. 

Love their Independence. 

Geminis love their independence a bit too much. They are free birds who do what they want, whenever they want, and whoever they want to do with. They hardly put up any boundaries and hate when others try to impose their boundaries on them. This makes it hard for a Gemini to settle. 

Fast and efficient. Geminis are fast and efficient at whatever they do. Whether it is to think of quick solutions, get tasks done, or even make a quick speech, Geminis lead the line. They have very little patience and love to get things moving at a fast pace which they love to keep up to.


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