The Twin Flame Numerology and Signs

The concept of soul mates is not something unknown to us. Twin flame numerology is one such concept to find your soulmate.  You always hear how people dream about finding ‘the one’. Perhaps you yourself have dreamt of finding such a person for yourself.

 There is also a set of people who consider this concept to be ridiculous and an element of fantasy. They dismiss such thoughts and prefer to just settle in with someone they find agreeable.

The truth is that everyone does have a soul mate, but that is not exactly what they are called. These matches are known as twin flames. They are not just your better halves, but possess a deeper connection with you.

 However, finding this twin flame can turn out to be exhausting and hard. But they are still an opportunity for you to grow and experience a certain amount of happiness and content.


What is Twin Flame?

Technically, a twin flame is the other half of your soul. They are also referred to as “mirror soul” or “soul connection”.

A theory that exists regarding this is that after ascending to a certain frequency, a soul splits into two. They then occupy two separate bodies.

You will always find a comparison between a twin flame and a soul mate going on. Majority of people are unaware of the fact that the two concepts are on very different levels.

A soul mate is someone you resonate with and shares the same energy as you. But they have never been a part of you. Your meeting with your twin flame will definitely be more significant. This can either lead to a romantic relationship or become an extraordinary friendship.

A person who has a twin flame is destined to cross paths with this person at some point in their journey of life. Chances are that you will feel an instant connection with them.

People who have already encountered their twin flame explain how they felt a strange sense of having seen or known them all their lives. If and when you do end up meeting this person, it will lead to a deep-rooted feeling of becoming whole and finding purpose.

It need not be explicitly said that your bond with your twin flame will turn out to be very intense. Not only will they open new paths of self-knowledge to you, but they also help you figure out and deal with your shortcomings.


Signs that you have met your Twin Flame

Now that you are acquainted with the general concept of a twin flame and its significance, there are some signs and symptoms that will help you out in identifying if you have actually met your other half.

You always know what the other is doing, feeling or thinking about. It’s like you don’t even need to closely observe them. You just look and them and get to know if something is wrong or if they dislike someone they just met. And this will always be mutual, mind you.

You and your alleged twin flame shares almost the same, if not identical set of interests and hobbies. For instance, you both like the same cuisines and always bond over this. Or both of you have the same favorite author (or authors).

Even if separated by distance, both of you will always feel the same emotions simultaneously. Whenever you meet or spend time together, you would probably end up blurting out the same things at the same time. And this would happen multiple times.

You tend to get very touchy with others without feeling uncomfortable about it. It need not be a romantic touch always. This physical touch can also be just your way of being friendly with each other and showing how much you mean to each other.

You feel that it is okay to be yourself around this person. You can have the most ridiculous conversations or do the weirdest things with this person naturally, without feeling ashamed about it.

A mere glance at each other, and you know what the other is thinking about. It is easy to communicate with them. For instance, if you look at someone and find them funny, you both will look at each other at the same time and laugh, without uttering a word.

You both always get to know the hidden parts or complexities of the other. It can seem to be too confronting or uncomfortable at first, but you end up feeling liberated. You will also be able to identify in them some of your past faults or wrongdoings as well as present faults, just from the way they act.


How to calculate twin flame numerology ?

As per numerology, 11:11 is considered to be the twin flame number. This is because it believed that it is in the 11th dimension that our soul splits in half.

Due to this, people who are in a twin flame relationship will see the occurrence of 11’s in the dates when they meet, the birthdays or might see the 11:11 number at many places randomly. Seeing the 11:11 can be seen as divine intervention, signaling to you that you have found the other half of yourself.

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