Libra season is special alright. But is it for everyone? Most of our birthdays are during the Libra season and people who are born under this season are usually honest, sensuous and loyal as hell. But given that many planets will be in the retrograde during this time of the year, the Zodiac signs that have those planets which are in the retrograde as their ruling planets may face major difficulties in their life. This is also that time of the year where the energy in you, that is your energetic frequency will shift and change as the seasons are changing throughout the year. You will feel the innate need to change your life, to take up a few new hobbies or try out different things that you have never done before. You may also reveal a few secrets that you were keeping from your partner and while you were being honest with them, the honesty in that particular scenario is not appreciated by them. Eventually, when things cool down, both of you will share the same level of understanding with each other and will be much closer now that the elephant's out of the bag.

So, let us see the three different Zodiac signs that will have their best Libra season or rather who will thrive during this Libra season.


You are evolving and growing, literally going on the phrase, growing and glowing. Like a butterfly, you are breaking out of your cocoon and coming out of your comfort zone. You are living in the moment and taking time out for the simplest pleasures life has to offer you. You are going back to your old hobbies and discovering the joy in the things that gave you happiness before. Your personal life with your partner is growing as well and the both of you have reached a new level of understanding and are rediscovering yourselves and this again brings you a new level of joy.


You have finally got the well-deserved rest you need and have reconnected with the old friends you have lost touch with. Now, instead of going to parties where you are physically present, you party with your friends on zoom calls and crash at own your place. You are always trying to break free from the rules and regulations as well as getting out of your comfort zone, and during this time, you make no exception. You are trying to make new cuisines by yourself, figuring out new hobbies and talking to new people. Every day is a new adventure for you and you take one day at a time. Eventually, you will finish finding the one you have been searching for all this while and you will realise that you are ready to settle down and anchor yourself. You also realise that having a steady partner is not all that bad and you can actually even learn to live with your partner for all the quirks that come along with him/her.


Investments! Investments! Investments! You are making the right choice and choosing to invest your time and energy in the right things rather than wasting your time away. You may also find a partner but this partner might be slightly obsessive with love and may latch onto you, which is something you definitely do not want to take care and be wise. You will also take up new hobbies and find it soothing and relaxing as well. You have started making new connections and meeting new people. You will grow into a new individual this season, and you will be honing your business skills and capabilities. Though, while you are growing it will be wise to keep an ear out for the people who act as though they are your friends but will indirectly try to bring you down with the help of veiled comments. No one needs that kind of negativity and it is best if you cut them off.