The people born in this month are blessed with three major birthstones. June will offer a variety of beautiful birthstones.

These are Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone. However, the options are wide and might become difficult for one to choose from them. These people have stones that can fit a person’s mood as well as the budget.


Pearl Birthstone: Meaning

This stone originates from oceans, lakes, and rivers. Pearl is loved by all the women. Chinese thought that Pearl was obtained from the brain of the dragon, while Ancients from the Middle East believed that Pearls were actually teardrops from heaven.

However, in reality, Pearls are organic stones that come from the flesh of oysters. This birthstone symbolizes purity, humility, and innocence.

Pearls come in a lot of different sizes, colors, and shapes. Traditionally these were considered to be wedding gifts.

In the ancient Sanskrit texts, Pearls were known to bring long life and prosperity to its wearers. Asians on the other hand believed that this stone could cure indigestion as well as hemorrhage.


Pearl Birthstone: Where to find them

Pearl birthstones are found in warm waters with clear skies and dramatic scenery. Oysters, which give Pearls just can’t survive in polluted water.

Hence, the breeding grounds of this creature are located away from civilizations. Akoya cultured pearls can be found in Japan and China.

South Sea cultured pearls are found from the northern coast of Australia to the southern coast of South East Asia. Tahitian pearls are cultivated on the Gambier Islands and the Tuamotu Archipelago which are a part of French Polynesia.


Pearl Birthstone: Care

This a soft stone and thus requires a lot of care. One should store them away from other gemstones and metal jewelry in order to avoid scratches.

Plastic bags should be avoided to store Pearls as they can release chemical, spoiling the birthstone.

Applying perfume, hair products and cosmetics before wearing pearl jewelry will add to the beauty of this birthstone.


Moonstone Birthstone: Meaning

Moonstone is linked to the Greek as well as Roman lunar gods. Hindu mythology believes that this birthstone is formed by solid moonlight.

This stone stands for love, passion, fertility and is said to bring good luck to whoever wears it. The pure form of this stone gives a very pure and bright blue light against a colorless background.

Big and famous designers have used this birthstone in the finest of their jewelry.

Moonstone Birthstone: Where to Find them

This stone is found in many places including the United States, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Virginia. However, this stone is found prominently in India, Sri-Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, and Tanzania.


Moonstone Birthstone: Care

This stone has very little toughness and hence cracks when exposed to high heat. Steam cleaners should thus not be used for this stone.

The best way to clean moonstone is warm, soapy water and with the use of a soft brush.


Alexandrite Birthstone: Meaning

This stone is pretty rare and changes its color when exposed to different lightnings. The most important stones are the ones that turn vivid green to bluish-green in daylight.

Another important variety of this stone is the one that turns intense red to purplish-red in incandescent light.

This stone was first found in Russia and the main reason that Alexandrite grabbed the attention of Russians is because its red and green colors mirrored the military colors of Russia.

This stone is also known for its fascinating cat-eye effect, which is not showcased by many birthstones.


Alexandrite Birthstone: Where to Find them

Ural Mountain deposits were huge reserve of this stone but they were eventually all mined out. Most of Alexandrite now comes from Brazil, Sri Lanka and East Africa.

The newer deposits lack the precise color changes that Alexandrite displayed back in the 19th century. However, these new qualities of this stone do have some good quality stones too.

This stone is one of the most expensive stones since they are difficult to find, especially in larger sizes.


Alexandrite Birthstone: Care

This is a pretty hard birthstone. It has a good amount of toughness and does not break easily when struck.

This stone can thus be worn as rings or other daily wear jewelry items. The best way to use this stone can be in the form of an engagement ring for the bride in June.

The appropriate way to clean Alexandrite is using warm, soapy water. However, ultrasonic and steam, cleaners can be used too since they offer no damage to this stone.