For a person who loves reading, I definitely do not understand when people say they hate reading or dislike reading. Especially when it comes to reading novels as well. Their standard dialogue is when there is the movie, why go for the book? The movie appeals to their optical senses, and it takes less effort, that is their argument but what they do not realise is the power of imagination and how books take you to places you have never been, to be inside a person's head and how they think, and why they act like that, to feel how they feel and why they do it, everything. 

So, the ten benefits from practising to read every day are:

1.It reduces your stress levels.

It is scientifically proven that reading reduces your stress levels and calms you down. It drains the tension from your body and helps you relax while taking you to another realm itself.

2. It stimulates your mind and rejuvenates you.

Reading stimulates your mind and needs the exercise, and reading is the best way to exercise your brain and turn those rusted gears in motion. Not only that, but it also slows down the diseases like Alzheimer's and keeps you mentally aware.

3. Expands your vocabulary.

Reading broadens your horizons and makes you think in many different ways. Not only that, but it also makes you come across new words and the more you read, the more words you come across and it widens your mental space and you end up learning new words unconsciously as well. You become more well-spoken and start being more articulate in your usage of words and are able to express yourself better when you read more books because you learn new words and meanings which help you convey how you feel and make the other people understand that as well.

4. Increases your knowledge of power.

Reading helps you become more aware of the things you never even realised you did not know, and it gives you more information without you even realising it. It exposes you to various cultures, the way different authors write and make you think more open-mindedly and even makes you realise that there is no one standard scenario to a situation, there can be multiple scenarios. 

5. Improves your Analytical abilities.

It makes you think ahead, and you start noticing details more closely and minutely. You actually start using your brain and start thinking about a number of ways a situation could have happened and why a person did that. You also tend to try to think the way the opposite person would have thought and start minutely dissecting the situation and coming up with conclusions that actually make sense and have facts to back you up. 

6. You start realising that your power to retain a memory improves drastically.

Your memory power increases and you are able to remember things much clearer and better. Not only that, you are also able to remember things you usually tend to forget all the time and can easily remember the facts of various other novels, basically reading exercises and strengthens your brain which makes it more able to retain facts and information much easier, thus, improving your power to retain a memory or store away information and facts.

7. You start writing ten times better than you used to.

Your language improves, the usage of your words improves you actually know when and where to use the right words and you can form and articulate your sentences well. You slowly start to realising, that because you are able to retain facts and information much better, you can form sentences at a faster rate, and your writing has considerably improved.

8. Your level of concentration and focus improves as well.

You are able to multitask and you are not easily distracted as you would usually be. Your focus improves as well.

9. It helps you to be entertained as well as relax.

While reading, you laugh, you cry, you smile. You are entertained and you feel things from the view of a protagonist, which makes you enjoy the book even more.

10. It brings you to peace.

No matter how angry or annoyed you are, reading calms you down and helps you be at peace. It brings you tranquillity at the comforts of your house.