The Taurus Love Compatibility

The Taurus Love Compatibility
  • Date: 20th April – 20th May
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Ruling element: Earth
  • Ruling House: Second
  • Dominant quality: Fixed
  • Polarity: Negative
  • Lucky color: Pink
  • Lucky gem: Emerald
  • Lucky Day: Sunday
  • Zodiacs for best compatibility: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn.

The best compatibility matches for Taurus are Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn. All three zodiacs make a different point of compatibility and highlight in the relationship because of the different personality traits. Let’s try to find out the various points of compatibility between Taurus and the three other zodiacs.

The Taurus – Cancer Compatibility

Their Individual Personality Traits

Cancer is supposedly the most sensitive sign, they abound in emotions so much that they connect to other people on an emotional basis. Cancers are people-oriented and therefore they love to be in the sphere of other people very much. They are very nurturing and caring and will help to maintain a bond very well. They love to share things with other people and therefore are loved by many.

The Taurus is very less receptive to people. They do not act out very much and therefore they are stubborn, laid back and pragmatic. However, they are loyal and trustworthy when the need arises to be.

They are one of the best compatibility matches among the zodiacs.

Their Best Compatibility Traits

The thing with these two for the best compatibility match amongst other zodiacs is that they know how to take things slow, and how to maintain the required pace in the relationship. They both are loyal and sensible and sensitive. They know the secrets to keep their bond unbreakable. Cancer ha immense patience and care to bear with the stillness of the bull which many others might not have. The making of certain emotional boundaries by the Taurus actually helps to make it one of the best compatibility matches for Taurus

The Highpoints

The highpoint of this compatibility is the great deal of understanding that builds around these two people. They actually make a very good couple. They do not pressurize themselves for the extraneous factors of ambition and cash, and therefore know how to keep it afloat amongst the good homely things. Both of these signs are not commitment-phobic, and will always be ready to move a tier higher than what they had started making Cancer one of the best compatibility matches for Taurus.

The Taurus – Virgo Compatibility

Their Individual Personality Traits

Virgo, as said a lot of times, is the perfectionist. They know how to keep a rain check upon everything in their lives, including a relationship. Although they are casual people in terms of romance, they do get serious in the later stages, when they realize the possibilities that lie in the relationship at the moment. They are caring and critical both at the same time.

Taurus is the people with a relaxed state of mind. They understand, caring, loyal, and trustworthy.

Taurus and Virgo make one of the best compatibility matches.

Their Compatibility

There is such good compatibility between these two signs. These two signs have a good deal of sensuality and lust, besides the usual deal of emotions; they also know how to connect well on the ground level. There will just the right amount of emotions, not more, and not less. Well, Virgo being the mother of zodiacs knows how to pull a home for the laid back Taurus and therefore they will make a great home with each other. They may have the same preferences too. Therefore Virgo makes one of the best compatibility matches for Taurus.

The Highpoints

The most important highpoint of this compatibility is that both of these signs are earth signs. Therefore they both will remain grounded for each other. Being grounded is very important when it comes to building a home together or doing things together. The over – ambitiousness of Virgo will be well complemented by the slow-paced Taurus. Also there are good amounts of love and emotions together, there is nothing that can be overdone for in this compatibility, and this will do away with any kind of expectations and disregarded fuss over meager things. Therefore Virgo makes one of the best compatibility matches for Taurus.

The Taurus – Capricorn Compatibility

Their Individual Personalities

Capricorn is like a very systematic, mechanic, and pragmatic zodiac. They are represented as the calmness and the soothing of the earth and the mischief and fun of the planet Saturn. They are hard-working, dedicated and the very devoted zodiac. They are emotionally strong and sometimes vulnerable; it makes it difficult for other people to open through them. They are determined and intuitive when it comes to bonding.

The Taurus is a group of uninhibited yet predictable people. They are stubborn and much laid back. However, they are very understanding and loyal.

The Taurus and Capricorn make one of the best compatibility matches.

The Compatibility

The compatibility between a Taurus and a Capricorn is marked with so much of longing and love, that it is almost smooth sailing for the most part. The most important part for both the zodiacs is that they are very much stable in a relationship. They know the highpoints of each other and therefore they will keep it grounded and emotionally functional. They have a sense of faith in the decisions that each of them makes for both, and this makes Capricorn one of the best compatibility matches for Taurus.

The Highpoints

The highpoint of one of the best compatibility for Taurus, which is Capricorn, is that they do not try to prevent the emotional overflow, howsoever strong they might seem. They have a lot of common things going in between them. Also, the most important fact is that they try to prevent the erratic nature of the relationship by trying to add some shades of maturity in the relationship. Both the zodiacs are earth signs, and this helps them keep it grounded and at a very silent level, not trying to be very boisterous in the relationship. This makes Capricorn one of the best compatibility matches for Taurus.