The tarot reading of the combination of death and the tower card

The tarot reading of the combination of death and the tower card

Death Card

The death card combinations in a tarot deck is a representation of death. The death can be of anything from a habit to situations. Often, people are too scared of the death card but they have to keep in mind one important fact is that the death card combinations has both positive as well as negative meanings.

The death card signifies the ending of certain situations. Hence, it is also a positive card as well. The card can indicate the ending of some hardships and obstacles. It might emphasize the fact that suffering might also be ending in your life.

This is the reason tarot readers often consider the death card combinations as one of the most positive cards of all. It can tell about lots of different ending or transformation of things.

Upright Death card

The upright version of the Death card combinations signifies ending. It may indicate new beginnings. You are about to have some great transformation in your life. With the transformation, you will be able to start new things and leave behind your older self. It also might mean that you are letting go of certain things in your life

With respect to love this card can indicate the ending of the relationship. Other predictions can be the ending of problems and conflicts in the relationship. The results will depend on the questions asked on the tarot deck.

Hence, the upright version means the ending or letting go of things in life which can be both for our own good or sometimes can be bad for us as well.

Reversed Death Card

As the upright version of the card signifies the ending hence, the reverse version may indicate hindrance in the ending or transformation. It might be telling you that something in your life is resisting the change. The resistance might come from you as well. You might be scared to end or change something and this fear is not letting new beginnings happen in your life.

Transformation or change is needed to avoid being stagnant. Hence, if there will be the presence of hindrance in transformation then the situation might become stagnant in your life.

The Tower Tarot Card

The tower tarot card has a tower and we could observe lightning and fire inside the tower. This card can be interpreted as an occurrence of some sudden accidents which can be dangerous and might affect your life. The Tower tarot card can also be a sign of destruction and obstacles. Generally, the tower card is considered to be a negative one. The card has the simple meaning of destruction and suffering. It can be an indication of something really bad that will be happening soon in your life. In your professional life, this card might signify the sudden loss of your job or financial loss.

The Upright Tower Card

The upright version of the tower card can be an indication of destruction or more specifically accidents. The image in the tower card is showing an unfortunate accident. Thus, this card can mean that you might have some serious accidents. The upright version of the card also signifies destruction or suffering. For example, if the upright tarot card is being read for love then it means that the relationship is in a very bad place and there might be the arrival of something very serious and harsh that can ruin your life even more. There are also chances that the relationship might also end. The card can also be taken to be a sign of some unexpected change. Thus, some sudden change might knock your life as well.

The Reverse Tower card

The reverse tower tarot card can mean that you might suffer from lots of issues in your life. But in the end, you will be able to get through it. The reverse tower card can represent that the destruction happened in your life but still you are able to survive it. You have come out even stronger. The destruction and change that had to occur in your life might also have changed you a lot as a person.

The Tower Tarot and Death Card Combinations

The tower tarot card and death card combination can have lots of negative meanings. Often, it signifies lots of pain and suffering in your life. Sufferings and loss will also be associated with illness and the end of good and happy days.

The death card is sometimes considered to be a very positive card. It signifies ending and at times ending can be necessary for new and greater beginnings. But when death card is associated with the tower card then the death card can have some serious consequences.

The combination of the death card and the tower tarot card can be an indication of destruction or crisis during the change or end of something.  suppose, your love relationship is ending then you might suffer from mental illness or the ending can be accompanied by some huge sufferings.

When these two cards come together in a tarot reading, then both its meaning gets combined. As the tower tarot card is a representation of crisis and sufferings, while the death card combinations represents an ending. This is the reason it is predicted as ending of anything with lots of destruction and suffering.

This combination is surely a negative one. But not always the change can have such a huge impact on one’s life. Sometimes the extent of impact can be small. But whatever the sufferings or the destruction will be, you have to survive it and come out of it as stronger.

Nothing is permanent in life, so if there are sorrows and hardships in life then remember this will end soon. After the darkness of the night, the sun comes out in the morning. Similarly after the crisis, happiness and well - being will knock on your door sooner.