The Story of Pisces

The Story of Pisces

Pisces resides in the 12 region and the last 30 degrees of the zodiacal circle. This is the mutable sign where the sun comes in as the winter ends and the spring is about to begin. It is intertwined between the two seasons and brings the end of old things and new beginnings. Pisces comes in the time where the flowers start to bloom, the winter snow starts to melt and the sun peeks into the windows. That is the reason Pisces is known to bring great changes in many lives. A Pisces newborn is considered lucky as he is meant to bring the charm over the family and a great beginning. It is a sign of great changes and the spread of love.

History of Pisces

The constellation of Pisces is a cluster of stars that got his name from Latin word meaning a shoal of fishes. The Babylonians were the first ones to recognize this constellation as Sinunutu or the great shallow according to the western Pisces. In Anunitum it is called the lady of heaven.  The Babylonians also called this as the tails constellation as it had two fish representing the rivers Euphrates and Tigris going in two directions. And these two fishes are connected with a group of stars making it the fish cord or a life ribbon.

Being the biggest constellation, the ancient monks decided to divide the whole constellation into four parts: The northern and southern fish and the northern and southern cord. Even after this segregation, many monks still thought it has to be divided more. Later in the 15th century, the part of Pisces was considered as a separate constellation called Testudo or the turtle.  Even though this constellation does not have very bright stars, they hold very significant vale. The stars can not be seen through the naked eye. A proper telescope is needed to connect the stars above the sea horizon to make beautiful fishes.

What is the myth of Pisces?

Pisces are initially seen in the ancient mythology of Syria. The constellation is named Atagartis the goddess of love and fertility. She was a goddess who was half fish and half-human. She is compared with the Greek god Aphrodite and Roman goddess Venus. She is known for its beauty and generosity.

In Greek mythology, the Pisces fishes are said to be the goddess Aphrodite and his son Eros. They turned themselves into fishes and jumped into the river Euphrates when they were running away from the monster Typhon. They tied a rope to each other so they do not get lost in the river. Even today it is assumed the goddess is still wandering the river as a fish and eating a fish from the shores of river Euphrates is considered a taboo. 

What is the relationship between the myth and the zodiac sign of Pisces?

The myth talks about how the Goddess runs away from the monster and it’s a natural behavior of Pisces to run away from any kind of monster, be it physical or mental.  They are very fearful and their only counter-attack is to blend in instead of showing their true colors. They blend into the skin which can help them save their secrets or which save them from getting hurt. It is their strength and ability to change and blend into any skin like the Goddess and her son who changed into fishes. If they have good planetary positions, they can cling on to their secrets safely but if the positions are not in favor, hiding their true skin is the only option.  The myth tells us that the fishes find their way and get saved in the end. This represents the highest possibility for the Pisces to find an opportunity and escape death.

The Pisces born are known to be confused and held back at one position or stuck, just like the fishes who are stuck in the fisherman’s net. This tells that Pisces has to keep moving and going if they do not wish to be stuck and caught in a trap of life forever. It is a common knowledge that Pisces often get stuck in unpredicted situations and problems as they are taken for granted and stepped upon.

Pisces have to take it upon themselves to be bold and voice out their needs and desires in order to survive. They should not be held back in a dilemma so that they get caught in various problems. They should keep moving and making their own path and should stop being lenient with people.