The Solar Eclipse of June 2020: the effects on people and the effects on the zodiacs

The Solar Eclipse of June 2020: the effects on people and the effects on the zodiacs

A solar eclipse is going to follow after the lunar eclipse that took place in the first few days of June (in the middle of 5th of June and 6th of June). The solar eclipse is allegedly going to be an annular eclipse, and one might even be able to see a ‘ring of fire’.

The Solar Eclipse Fact File

• Date: 21st June 2020 (An interesting fact, the solar eclipse is going to occur on the day of Summer Solstice, which has the longest daylight of the year)

• Places Visible: Parts of Northern India, Pakistan, China, Africa

• Timing: 9:15 AM to 3:04 PM (The maximum eclipse will be seen at 12:10 PM)

What can you expect from the Solar Eclipse?

Astrologically speaking eclipses have some really dramatic effects in everyday life. The thing is one may even start noticing changes in the non-shifting routines. Although eclipses are not rare and they are abundant, the eclipses are known to shapeshift events in our lives. Eclipses are associated with the karmic flows and the karmic energies of life.

The Solar eclipse of June 21st, 2020 is supposedly going to give momentum to live. All the old passageways that had held life in an unprecedented way would be shut during this time at the most. Therefore there might be some sudden shifts in energies and work profile during this time. All those that have been pretty anticipated will be inevitable now.

This Eclipse in particular is associated with the new beginnings and some opportunist moments. So it is always advised to grab these moments, there might be something always in store for you. The Solar eclipse is going to unlock the internalized turmoil of emotions, just as the Moon (representing our emotional world) will obscure the Sun (the externalized profile). Embrace the pain and the unexpected that come along. They might break you but will make you stronger.

The Effect of the Solar Eclipse on Various Zodiacs

The Solar Eclipse takes place on the 21st of June 2020 that is the solar eclipse will be taking place on the last day of Gemini. Therefore there might be some tense energies flowing. Take this as an auspicious time to resurface all the negativities inside you and make them go away. There should be the perfect closure to pain and troubles inside you, so that you can prospectively move on.


The Solar Eclipse will happen in the third house, the house of courage and communication. You might have to keep your connect proper, and inhibit yourself from some new ventures. No significant changes are seen for you during this time. Also, keep up with your family in good terms.


The eclipse will happen in the second house, the house of family and finance. Familial expenses might see a hike. Finances might go astray. Keep your finances in check and also maintain it well with the family. Eye troubles might concern you, it is better to go for a check-up.


The eclipse is going to take place in Gemini, therefore Geminis might have to take due care of their health after this. There might be concerning health troubles as an aftermath of the eclipse. Advisably, it is better to keep a constant touch with a physician after the eclipse. Also, one should keep finances in check.


The eclipse will happen in the 12th house, the house of the absence of finances, fame, and recognition. So finances must not be neglected, and nothing should be let go out of hand during this time. No unknown territories must be trodden for the time being. Remedies must be followed for good.


The eclipse will happen in the 11th house, the house of gains. There might be great gains in the financial front after this time. Positions are well consolidated monetarily. New partnerships might begin. The solar eclipse is going to prove a sound one for the Leos for the gains.


The solar eclipse will happen in the 10th house, the house of profession, fame, and workspace. There might be some challenges faced in the work front. Satisfaction in business is a hard thing to achieve. There might be a hurry and deadline for certain things, preventing the smoothness.


The solar eclipse will happen in the 9th house. The thing is, if the ninth house is deprived of any planets, everything will well remain under control for the most part. No major health concerns are going to prevail. Although proper health care should be taken after the eclipse ends.


The solar eclipse is going to happen in the 8th house, the house of health. So it might not look very good in the health sector. All rash decisions in health, finance, and family should be duly avoided. Matters of family and finance must be taken well care of.


The solar eclipse is going to take place in the 7th house, and this is a matter of relief. There might be relief from previous troubles. All those troubles which bothered you in finance and workspace might end. Health issues might trouble you, one must take good care.


The solar eclipse happens in the 6th house, which will supposedly bring about a new tiding in your life. There might be some age-old break rules for you. But this will come as a surprise, so the best thing to do would be not to lose your calm.


The solar eclipse is going to take place in the fifth house, the house of relationships. There are going to be troubled concerning relationships during this time. The problems are very delicate to deal with right not. Other things like finance, health, and work are going pretty fine now.


The solar eclipse will take place in the 5th house, the house of domesticity. One might have to remain very much attentive in the domestic front. Even the professional space might give you discomfort. Health issues might concern you. There are nothings as such positive or negative going to take place.