In the present days, smartphones are also looked at and analyzed just like you do before marriage, in the process of finding the most suitable partner.

While looking for a partner, you make sure that he/she checks all the points on your list of the ‘potential better half’ list. The same is the case while buying the most suitable and reliable smartphone for yourself.

You try to buy a phone that has everything in it- style, durability, value for money, good camera, good speaker, strong inter features such as RAM, ROM, internal storage, and many more.

The way horoscope matching of a to be –the bride and –groom is done before finalizing the marriage, in the same way, you can choose the most suitable phone for your personality and zodiac as well.

Here are some ideas onto which smartphone each zodiac should consider buying-


Aries are known for their feisty, strong-headedness, and stubborn nature. They are very strong with their thoughts, virtues, and beliefs and nobody can ever meddle with their opinions.

The most suitable smartphone resonating with the personality of an Aries is Oneplus 5. It is a very powerful smartphone with really good brand value and looks.


The earth element native Taurus loves everything to be fine and nice. Neither will they go for something very cheap nor a highly expensive brand either. Though they might seem fierce it is easy to make them happy and feel contented.

So according to the personality of a Taurus, the most suitable phone for them is the LG v30. It has an OLED full vision display and a very strong processor that is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC.


The most suitable phone for or a Gemini is the Samsung Galaxy S8. Just like the phone which has very appealable specs such as ultra high quality, audio playback capabilities as well as DSD support. Gemini is very reliable and has such all-rounder abilities, so this is quite the most suitable phone for them.


Cancerians are known for their reliable and caring nature providing warmth without expecting much in return.

The phone that resonates with their personality the most is the Moto G5S and G5S Plus. It has just the perfect features to get the work done and has a decent specs sheet.


Leo is considered to be the ruler of the zodiac and possesses qualities such as being loyal, fiercely honest, and protective. Due to the magnanimity in their nature, the most suitable phone for them is the Apple iPhone 7 plus.


The most outstanding quality of a Virgo is their procession and being a perfectionist. the most suitable phone for their personality is the Redmi note 4.


A Libran is known to be the one who is a dispute solver. They pacify everyone no matter what the situation. depending on nature the most suitable smartphone for them is the Mi A1 or Nokia 6 either of them is a good option.


This water element zodiac is known to be very secretive and intense. Some phones that suit your personality are the Google Pixel, Samsung galaxy edge, or even an iPhone 7.


This zodiac which is ruled by the Centaur has a very free going nature such as being funny and entertaining. The smartphone which is the most suitable for this zodiac is the Nubia N2 for the Oppo F3.


Capricorns are ambitious as well as loving and caring depending on their professional and personal lives. Matching this trait of theirs the most suitable phone for them is the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 you are the Coolpad Cool 6.


The most outstanding qualities of Aquarius are their obsession with freedom and being extremely independent. Depending on these qualities the perfect phone for them can be an Oneplus 5, iPhone 7 plus, or a Samsung note 8.


Pisces are known to be very creative and artistic with their thoughts and choices. Though they are artistic they can also be clingy. Show a smartphone that has an immense monetary value such as Gionee A1 Plus for a Lenovo Z2 Plus can be a good option.