The Silver Zodiac Aquarius

The Silver Zodiac Aquarius

People born from January 20 to February 20 belong to shy and quiet zodiac signs, the Aquarius. Aquarius born are very introvert but the most eccentric and energetic people. They are born intellectuals and deep thinkers. They love lone time and like to enjoy their own imagination and life. This zodiac sign loves light blue and silver and represents every quality of the air.  

Why Aquarius is called the silver zodiac?

Aquarius is called the blue zodiac because it represents the air and the phrase “silver lining”. Aquarius born is very stubborn and independent.  They can easily blend into any skin just like how easy silver can be molded. They can be a party animal in a party or a silent sage or a fighter for justice. Just like how easy silver can be blended in with every other metal, Aquarius can also mingle easily. They look for a place full of possibilities and opportunities.

Which planet governs the Aquarius?

Aquarius is governed by Uranus. Uranus is considered very timid and abrupt. It also exhibits a very aggressive nature. But Uranus is very clear in its path and just like it, Aquarius born are very visionary in nature. They have great ambitions and they have a clear set of goals and plans. They already have a perfect plan for the next five to ten years.  Even though Uranus is among the last of planets, it has a huge impact on its other planets.  They are the influencers, over thinkers and planners.

Uranus also governs their moods. They have pretty good mood swings and make them change very easily. The power of easy and quick transformation for good to bad people, or from sweet to very harsh people, is given by the planet to this zodiac sign.  They are capable of executing their long term plan with great determination and will not hesitate to ditch people who are a hindrance in their path. Some of the Aquarius born also consider love to be a waste of time, money and effort.

What are the significant qualities of Aquarius?

 Aquarius is shy and quiet when it comes to their feelings and emotions. They are good listeners and pacifiers. They like to blend in with the crowd around them and easily mingle with others. They are very ambitious and determined in life. They want their life to go according to a plan and any disturbance in that plan, they tend to get very affected by it.

Being very practical in nature, they are often aggressive and harsh in their wording. They like to be very independent and unique in their products. They are born humanitarian and they believe in progression. They take time to trust people but once they do, they maintain the bond for years. But Aquarius born is not forgiving in nature. Once they get cheated or betrayed or fooled, they don’t tend to forget and will definitely take revenge.

Being Uranus zodiac signs, they are cold-hearted towards the people who hurt them intentionally or unintentionally.  They dislike limitations, or anyone breaking promises or anyone arguing with them.  They cannot comprise their desires and cannot tolerate emotional trauma. They hate the feeling of being constrained or limited. Many teenagers of this zodiac are born rebels.

Many activists are Aquarius because they strive for justice, freedom, and equality for all. They demand freedom of speech and equality for all. Even though they have very cold and insensitive nature, they are delicate towards people who need their help.

How romantic is Aquarius?

Beauty is something that will not attract Aquarius. It is the intellectualness and intelligence that attract them. They look for someone who is equal to them and keep their conversations interesting. They like people who are open and are frank about their opinions and decisions. Independence is something they like, and thus they also look for self-sufficient partners. They like people who they can discuss their problems and take decisions with and not get dominated or influenced by them.  

Aquarius is very non-possessive and not jealous kind. They give their partners enough space and they expect the same. Clingy partners are not suitable for Aquarius.  Loyal and integrated people make the best partners with this zodiac sign.

They need partners who can understand their silence and also help them to open up. Closeness according to them is vulnerability. Once they are dedicated to their partners, they can go to an extent to self-sacrifice for them. They believe in giving and take policy in life.