Indian astrology is a sacred term which includes various spiritual aspects that determine the quality of human life. It is believed that the position of celestial bodies in the space will affect the life of the Mother Earth. The astrology, however, is divided into many types based on the requirement of the people. However, the most crucial part of the astrology is designing the kundali. 


In general, the kundali is also named as a birth horoscope. A kundali is an astrological chart that can be created based on the person's details or based on the questionnaire of the person. The birth chart determines the position or the point residence of distinct planets like the Sun, the Moon, and the else planets with a correct indication in terms of degrees. Any further predictions are made from the basis of the horoscope chart prepared with the details of the client. Therefore it is quite substantial to note the correct information of both times, date, and place of birth of the client. The other thing which is locatIon of birth with exact degrees is also quite crucial to note down. This is because it helps astrologers while comparing the results obtained from the kundali or the birth chart with the true ones.

As we all are aware of the fact that there are several stars in the sky along with other planets that reside in 12 houses as referred to in astrology. 

A chart is widely divided into 12 houses in which the planets and stars are occupied, and they change their position as the time passes by. These houses are though governed by a zodiac sign. Whatever the planets that are placed in these 12 houses can show both positively and negativity on each other in specific periods of duration. 

Therefore, Kundali is divided into two types. They are:

 â— Natal Kundali

● Horary Kundali

Kundali is generally referred to as a personal horoscope. This kundali is usually made using the principles of the Vedic Astrology System. A kundali is the astrological chart that shows the position of various planets like the Sun, the Moon, and stars. However, one can also deduce the angles of those celestial bodies at the time of the birth of an individual. A kundali is commonly prepared by a specialist in astrology to infer the information of the past, present, and future of a person. All the other terms that are widely used in the concept of kundali are Janamkundali, Natal Chart, Birth Horoscope, Birth Chart, and Janampatri, etc. This Kundali has a vital role while looking forward to the marriage between a male and a female. Often the kundali of the male and female are matched before going forward into marriage related matters. 


Natal chart is something that is wholly based on the personal details of the individual. The features might include like date of birth, place of birth along with latitudinal and longitudinal information at the time of birth. However, several other charts assist while preparing a natal chart. 


Horary chart deals with the preparation of the kundali with the questionnaire of the individual when he or she meets a specialist in astrology. Initially, when any person greets the astrologer, he or she might ask about the question of what the customer would like to know about. Knowing the issue, the astrologer will prepare the chart. Here also, one can find the position of various planets and stars in the space.


● Coming to the natal kundali, when the astrologer comes to know about the specific date of birth and time of birth along with the latitudinal and longitudinal parameters of the person, then the astrologers find it very easy to predict the past, present, and future of that person. 

● Then the predictions made from such a chart would yield good outcomes, and the practical ones are heard from them. 

● Since the birth chart has no errors in it, the person suffering from anything kind of difficulty can be aware of the prognoses made by the experts. 

● It was said that through kundali, one could find the nature, character, career, health, finances, intelligence, his or her relationships, and other aspects of his or her life can be noted. 

● Also, along with the above parameters, the lucky numbers, fortunate planets, blessed days, lucky colors, and other variables like weaknesses and strengths of a human can be evaluated from this birth chart.

● Kundali depicts both fortunate and unfortunate times in a person's life.

● Thus Vedic astrology has given remarkable preference to this birth chart or kundali or also so-called horoscopes. 

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