Saturn is the ruling planet, that rules over the zodiac signs Aquarius and Capricorn. Saturn is important in Vedic Astrology and mainly because it teaches us the most important lessons in life, and they are the major ones. And unlike Mars, which causes a lot of destruction and agony for the native, Saturn is there to make us better people, to make us the best versions of ourselves that we are yet to discover. Whenever there is the mention of Saturn in the Janam kundali of the individual, people are usually scared which no one cannot be blamed for because the presence of Saturn usually does not indicate anything good out of it. It is also believed that the wife of Saturn had cursed him when he was praying to Lord Krishna, such was his devotion. In defence of his wife, she wanted children and called him to bed and he declined. She cursed him with the fate that whomever he looks onto will be destroyed completely. A tad bit melodramatic and overdramatic, to say the least, but it did the trick. And when Saturn tried to make his wife understand, she realised her mistake but could not reverse the curse or take it back. So, poor Saturn kept looking down from then on so as to not destroy anyone.

The significance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn is also known as Suryaputra and Aarki. Saturn is well known as the planet of justice because well, pretty much as the title goes, he decides and gives the apt punishment to the individual depending on his deeds and makes sure that the scale of justice remains upright and the victim does not suffer. Saturn has positive and negative effects, much like the two sides of the coin. When the planet Saturn is placed in the right house and the right sign, the effect is positive and am abundance of wealth and happiness to the native and also brings a wealth of reputation in the society. But if it is not placed in the right house and the right sign, the effects are quite malefic and negative. It brings the native poverty, death in the family of the native, loss, sadness, sorrow, ill reputation and so on.  In spite of all of this, as I said before, the planet is considered to be quite the teacher or guru. He rewards good deeds with good karma and punishes the bad, with bad karma. The native under the rule of Saturn has to work extremely hard in life. They have to work harder than the rest to earn their food and living and will continue to do so until the very end. They will always be experiencing some form of hardship and will probably never catch a break. In a way, hardships teach you a whole lot of experience and lessons that you would have never learnt otherwise. Hardships force you to introspect deeper, and Saturn does just that by forcing a whole new number of hardships on the individual. The individual will introspect his/her situation deeper and delve as deep as he/she can get to understand the cause of their problems. This will also lead them to discover spirituality and will slowly, really slowly become pious.

Saturn seeks to discipline you and forces restrictions upon you in order to make you see the bigger picture and understand your situation better. Saturn judges you according to your actions and rewards you accordingly. If your actions were malicious and full of spite, not only that, if it was negative and brought misery to others, you are aptly punished with more hardships and your bad karma catches up on you. But if your actions were positive and full of kindness, you are rewarded and are aptly rewarded with success and fame. Saturn can bring you happiness and joy, wealth and fame, respect and recognition in the society and all of this depends on your actions and the thought behind it. If you are good, you are rewarded and if you are bad and intend to cause harm, you are punished. It is well known after all, that Saturn is known as the planet of justice.

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