To know what is the significance of PUMICE stones in reiki healing, we need to know what are pumice stones and what exactly is reiki healing and it’s benefits and how these pumice stones play a role and what is their role in Reiki healing.

All about pumice stones

Pumice stones are formed when the water and the lava conjoin or mix with each other. Because it contains high months of lava in it, it has a lot of heat energy stored in it as well.

What is reiki healing?

Reiki healing is a Japanese form of healing which is also called palms-on healing or hands-on healing. Going much on its name, reiki healing is the process where the practitioner basically transfers energy from his/her palms into the patient's body in order to encourage the physical healing as well as the emotional healing of the individual.

what are the benefits and the significance of the pumice stones in Reiki healing?

Just as I told you now, reiki healing uses the universal energy and transfers this energy to the individual in order to heal the individual emotionally and physically as well. What you do not know is that pumice stones have the ability to heal as well. Pumice has lava in it and lava is known for its grounding qualities which means it will bring the individual peace and calm as well as anchor the individual towards the ground rather than being caught in the whirlwind of turbulent emotions the individual must be feeling at that time. The energy itself that comes from this stone is so raw, so intense that it is k own for helping the individual shed the extra layers of unnecessary negative emotions as well as helping the individual rise up from the ashes- basically a rebirth, a new self.

The pumice stones also help in spiritually healing the individual. It grounds the individual and stabilizes their root chakra. It strengthens our connection to the Earth and also helps us retain our emotional balance. It calls us and prevents us from jumping off the top with all the emotions we feel so many times. It gives us the courage we need and require when the situation arises as well as provides the guidance we seek when we are lost. Not only that, but it also gives us the strength we need in situations that are out of our control and provides us with the stability and understanding of the situation. It blocks out all the negative energy that surrounds us or comes to us and boots the positive energy within us, encouraging it to grow. The pumice stone is also known as the calming stone so whenever we feel too angry and feel the negativity flowing through us, it absorbs it all and calms us down.

In Reiki healing, these stones would be placed either around you or on you, or you would be asked to hold the stones. These stones can also be placed in the room to ward off or block out the negative energy. During the session, you will also start feeling heat coursing through your body or may have a few memories appear or may even visualise various images or visuals. That is completely normal and you should allow the practitioner to continue the healing in order to be healed. You need to let yourself loosen up and be completely calm and allow the practitioner to do his/her magic and heal you. Your mind needs to rest and have that mental equilibrium which is much needed. You need to be from the emotional unrest that you feel and only the pumice stones from reiki healing help you do that. Reiki healing itself will use the mercy that the universe provides and will heal you, you just have to trust in the process and in yourself.