Moksha or Divine Salvation is a lot of identified with Karma in the current life. Planetary blend which we find in individuals' introduction to the world graph in this Kali yuga is offering a restricted help towards an individual's commonsense living future. Antiquated Sages who characterized the Kali yuga have referenced it's qualities which is a lot of unique in relation to its archetype Dwapara Yuga.

Our spirit is the genuine impression of the pre-eminent being. Accomplishing moksha brings satisfaction and finishes the pattern of life and demise that the spirit needs to go through until it accomplishes salvation or freedom. An Astrloger can contemplate the birth graph of a person to decide if their spirit will have the option to accomplish moksha in the current lifetime or still requirements additional time in the life and demise cycle to arrive. The birth graph of an individual has a few 'yogas' or 'conceivable outcomes' that demonstrate different circumstances.

Lord Krishna says in the Gita that everybody is a spirit soul and we are having a materialistic experience here in this material world. when we go to spiritual circles where there are spiritually enlightened beings then we are rekindling that spiritual wisdom which is already there inside us we are rekindling that spiritual frequency that vibrates, vibration which we are eternally tuned to as Lord Krishna says in the Gita “mamaivamso-jiva-loke-jiva-bhutah-sanatanah -sanatanah” means the living entity is eternally a part and parcel of

The various relationship of planets and houses structure Moksha Yoga. The fifth house speaks to soul and force of the psyche. The ninth house speaks to otherworldly information and reasoning. twelfth house speaks to salvation that is moksha.

The twelfth house in the natal outline shows the number of births the spirit needs to take, the karmas and the post-existence.

There are certain combination in Astrology which makes an individual more slanted towards a way of life prompting Moksha. Achieving Moksha with doing right karma is upto the individual's freedom of thought.

1. Ketu is a significator planet of moksha in the chart. In Jaimini horoscope, it is composed that, "If ketu is set in twelfth house from "karakamsha lagna" the individual will get moksha in the afterlife. Ketu sitting twelfth from karakamsa implies the spirit won't go to any higher world, rather it will return to the source fuel lastly get moksha, as in done getting back to any dimenison forever, except if it needs to return

2. If the birth graph of the individual has Jupiter or Ketu, or both in the twelfth house aspected by benefics demonstrates that the local will have the option to accomplish moksha in the current birth or the following lifetime will have less torment and battle.

3. Parashara states that "If there is a benefic in the twelfth house and its ruler is commended, or conjunct or aspected by a benefic, the local will accomplish last liberation"

4.  ketu in third house (as third house is eighth from eighth ; Gateway and passing ruler) with jupiter having perspective on eighth house is a blend of moksha (present in paramhansa yogananda graph)


While these yogas are advised to give the natives moksha, the real achievement of moksha is a risky interaction of celestial orderings of the planets practices specific and the Karma that a somebody has accumulated over different lifetimes. It is critical to take note of that for a person to accomplish moksha, he/she should want and journey on the way to acquire moksha too.

  The person should do good cause and gift.

  The person should not consider sexual delights in abundance.

  The person should not do corrupt or criminal operations.

  The person should get himself far from materialistic things.

  Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Saturn.

  The one who regards and honor females is intended to be fitting for salvation.