Planet Mercury entering the zodiac Virgo expects us to come up with a plan so as to get through the year. This year has brought a lot of conflicts, especially in recent months. All this has happened due to the unknown manifestation we have made in our minds.

Earlier this messenger planet of ours was present in the zodiac Leo, the reason being, to find solutions someplace else. The reason this is telling us to make plans is for us to be safe.

There is an upcoming Mars Retrograde and we all know how much of chaos this retrograde causes. It will catch wildfire and run wildly through our lives. Thus, the main motive behind the suggestion is to be organized, focused, and prepared for any consequence.

Meaning of Mercury in Virgo:

Our cosmic messenger planet, Mercury comes to full power when it transits the zodiac Virgo. This planet is ruling this zodiac sign as it is domiciled there. The element related to the zodiac Virgo is Earth.  Hence, it harnesses Mercury’s strength in physical, practical, and decisive ways so that we can keep heading forward.

It is very important for us to have a hold on our thoughts and speech. Not only in these fields but precision in all forms of communication is very essential and can be achieved by focusing on integrating the information we have at hand.

It is good if we are able to be factual and truthful when it comes to dealing with situations, taking responsibilities, and being able to enhance our analytical skills which are very important for us in this current competitive world.

Inculcating these values and nature might seem difficult but with some constant presence of mind, interest, and practice it will not be very difficult to do so. By doing so, the ambiguity we might have in any matter vanishes and we get a clearer picture of what kind of plan of action to make.

When this transit occurs, we tend to foresee the small details which are actually the ones with the most importance. And when this happens, it is difficult for us to deal with our problems as we lose perspective of the best version of ourselves.

While emphasizing on the point to pay attention to every detail, it doesn’t mean to attract some obsessive nature towards this process. Rather pay attention to the details moderately so as to know what does a whole consists of.

Knowing everything that takes part in achieving a complete picture is of utmost importance. This nature will not only help us in this transit but is a keeping trait for the rest of our lives. The other changes might include a change in the communication processes as well. These changes can be termed as banal, critical, or cold communications types.

Not just focusing on the tiny details, but also by engaging ourselves more into the deeper understanding and research to make the solving easier. We should learn and focus on the facts. By learning the most valuable trait of organizing, helps in having a future free of hassles and smooth-flowing.

Effects of Mercury in Virgo:

Not only will this messenger cosmic planet, Mercury help in aligning ht zodiac Virgo but creates some effect for the other zodiacs as well. Mercury not only causes changes to the Earth-element zodiac Virgo but to the remaining earth-element zodiacs like Taurus and Capricorn as well.

In the mid of this year or a little later, somewhere in August, the planet Uranus and a trine can bring about exciting and good news and insight flashes as well.

The messenger planet Mercury forms a trine with the planet Jupiter in August. This change in positions and transitions is a good kind, as it will bring fortune, luck, and will provide positivity to our endeavors.

In around the month of September, the messenger planet Mercury will be in line with the planet, Pluto. This will help us during our communication processes. It will provide strength and influence to our communications. If there is something important you want to convey, this time is very suitable and will give an invisible strength to your words.

In September, the messenger planet Mercury also reaches out to the planet Saturn. We know how important it is to have a solid foundation so that our future won’t face any setbacks. Well, in this transit we get to know the importance of planning and organizing our life since the beginning.

It basically tells us to work towards whatever we want to achieve so that later we do not regret anything, especially after having been advised to do so. The results will have a lasting effect on our lives.

The cosmic messenger planet Mercury, not only connects with the Earth-element zodiacs but also with Water-element zodiacs which are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. In this transit, which involves the Water-element zodiacs, the planet Mercury connects with two other planets which are associated with the Water-element zodiacs itself.

In August, there are signs of the planet Mercury opposing the planet Neptune. This interaction will cause unwanted problems. There are chances of deception and situations full of confusion to arise. To avoid this it is better to focus n=more on the creative and art-related tasks instead.

In the later part of the transit, the messenger planet Mercury links itself to the planet Venus making an angle of 60 degrees. This period encourages us to socialize more, imbibe the affable qualities of being a charming and warm welcoming nature.

We generally are hesitant in asking favors and usually wait for the right time so as to not look weird but here is a chance provided by this transit. If there is some need for help around this period, it is giving us a suggestion to openly ask for favors.

This transit is very beneficial to zodiac signs like Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. The most intense effects are on zodiac signs like Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio. The most challenging time for the zodiac signs Libra, Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius.