The Significance Of Kundli Matching: What Necessitate It In Hindu Traditions

What is Kundli Matching?

Kundli matching is very important as the pre nuptial ceremony to check upon if two people match upon their natal charts, which is based on their horoscopes and the aspects and the planetary positions. Kundli matching holds much importance in a typical Indian wedding, most importantly in Hindu weddings and South Indian weddings. Kundli matching happens upon the eight various aspects for the thirty-six pointer compatibility known as the Ashta Koot Milan. Kundli matching is not only done while tying the knots but becomes important in many other forms of associations like business deals and partnership, legal aids, funding, and such.

What is determined in Kundli matching?

In the Hindu tradition, Kundli matching is considered very important as it helps in finding compatibility between two individuals. But the question remains, what is the type of compatibility that the Kundli matching is talking about? Or what might be the basis of the compatibility between two such individuals who are tying the knots and what does the Kundli matching decide for them. Well according to the Hindu tradition, Kundli matching actually decides upon a lot of things that will help determine and predict the favourability of a marriage, the longevity, and the productivity that comes along with it.

The Significance of Kundli Matching

The Entire Level of Compatibility in a Marriage

As said earlier, Kundli matching will help determine the amount of compatibility that remains in a marriage. The aspect of Kundli matching will help determine to what extent will the success of marriage go and how will it determine the fate of the marriage. Like in a Kundli matching pointer, the necessary bare minimum number of points that should match is eighteen out of an enormous thirty-six points. People who have a determined thirty-six point compatibility as per the Kundli matching are actually the ones with the most productive and compatible nuptial ties with each other.

Determining the Financial Stability, Prosperity and the aspects of Career

Well, the patriarchal norms of the Indian traditional society have conferred, according to the Kundli matching, the aspect of a career to a man. Therefore here the financial stability that the Kundli matching will bring upon depends on the aspects too. Also, the prosperity in terms of food, eateries, sufficient valuables, worldly possessions, and other sorts of possessions re all determined in Kundli matching. Kundli matching will determine which particular planet has the most effect in the marriage follow up and therefore will help you give the compatibility of prosperity.

The Prospects of Bearing and Supporting Progenies

The Kundli matching will determine if the prosperity will extend to the next generation produced by the couple and whether the couple has a progeny in their fates or not. The Kundli matching will also help determine some of the conjectured aspects of the gene pool, as to what characteristics of the father and the mother the child would inherit. The Kundli matching gives the predictions whether the child will remain free from any form of afflictions and also the health of the child. The higher scores of Kundli matching will determine a favorable progeny.

The Emotional and Temperamental Compatibility

The aspect of Kundli matching not only determines the compatibility of the wedlock, but also the compatibility of staying together, whether the two people who are into this nuptial bond will be mentally stable for each other. Kundli matching says that the compatibility based on emotion and temperaments is a very important one. The aspect of Gana in the Kundli matching will determine the conditional temperaments of the two people. Also, this sort of Temperamental Compatibility becomes important in determining the compatibility in the consummation of the marriage too, which comes under the Yoni aspect in Kundli matching.

The Condition of a Dosh and how to overcome it

A Dosh as per the Kundli matching will be any sort of an evil mishap that has already been charted in someone’s natal chart, according to the horoscope. A Dosh as per the Kundli matching will always be an obstruction to the common happiness of the couple and may interrupt the goodwill of the couple in a lot of their decisions. The Kundli matching predicts whether the Dashes are malicious and the different ways that could help them overcome this particular thing. For example, the Mangle Dosh, the Kaal Sarp Dosh.

The Conditions of Kundlis that may not match

Sometimes while Kundli matching, the Kundlis might show some sort of a mismatch; or they may not give a pointer above eighteen out of a whooping thirty-six. Well in those cases, the Kundli matching might also help out. While the occasion of Kundli matching is taking place, one must always consult an esteemed astrologer or one that is well trained and well-read, one who may not mislead. The person will help you evade the perverseness that may have been overwritten in the Kundlis while Kundli matching.

Bringing in or auspiciousness

The Kundli matching will help bring in the auspiciousness of the bond inside the family. Sometimes some external forces like the presence of an evil eye may ward off the auspiciousness of the moment, the marriage, or the entire life of the people in the wedlock. The Kundli matching will come with options that will help solve any sort of problems by some special sort of worship or obeisance. Kundli matching necessitates that any form of rituals and customs that will help in the longevity of the people who are coming together should be performed and must not be tweaked.

The Vedic Astrology Importance

The Kundli matching is something that has been happening since the long times of the Vedic Aryans who had come and settled in India. They introduced the concept of the Jatis and Varna system, saying that women must always marry a husband of a higher Varna, while a man should always marry a woman of the lower Varna. They brought along the concept of gotras. Kundli matching, since the olden times, has been an assurance of the happiness, prosperity, and longevity of a couple.

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