Navratri marks the 9th day known as Maha Navami. This day falls under the bracket within the walls of Maha Navami Tithi. They are likely to observe the mere worship of pure Goddess Siddhidatri. This day is widely celebrated. It is deemed as the 9th form of Nav Durga. On the day of Maha Navami, Maa Durga is worshipped as the one who becomes the symbol of the buffalo demon. A strong belief surrounds this day that demon Mahishasura was slain by the hands of Durga. In 2020, Shardiya Navratri Navami drops on 25th October, which is a Sunday. The 9th day of Navratri brings a lot of hope and color entering into our homes. Due to this impeccable pandemic, we are sure that a lot of things have changed. The past will come alive in order to collectively bring people together. The festive foretells a lot about the present times. Festivals in our society is a sign of togetherness and hope. It brings people together no matter what prevails under the sun. A collective belief comes forward to make further leaps and bounds.



The best flower favored is deemed as ChamThe color of the day seems to be peacock green. Goddess Siddhidatri is the highest deity on this day. The mantra one needs to focus upon is OmDevii, Namah. The essential day to worship is the 9th day of Navratri, which is known as Maha Navami. The ruling planet of this day is known to be Ketu. The 9th day of Shardiya Navratri happens to surface on Sunday, 25 October 2020. Siddhidatri possesses its significance. This 9th day of Navratri puts light upon Maa Siddhidatri. This is a very special day where this powerful Devi gets super pleased by her devotees. If you are one of the devotees, then it is very significant that one must invest in all their time and energies towards this Nirvana cycle. This Nirvana chakra is positioned in the heart of our skull. It is in the middle. When they follow this, these devotees are bestowed with the utmost power. It is present in the nirvana Chakra. All these vulnerabilities happen by the very grace and richness of mother Devi Siddhidatri.





The power of all goddesses is known as Siddhi maa. The name Siddhi itself indicates some form of supernatural powers. It also implies that they possess the ability to procure a mere sense of existence. Dhatri indicates the meaning of a complete giver. Siddhidatri means a basket of innumerable elements. It is with the help of them, they can boost the boon with us. When you worship her, you get real powers and realization of it. This is the most powerful goddess who tends to eliminate all forms of ignorance. As per the Vedic scriptures, there are 8 categories of Siddhis that are present. The list includes Mahima, Garima, Anima, Prakyamya, Vashitva, Inshitva, Laghima, Prapti. She is deemed as the glorious element within the walls of Navadurga. Siddhidatri came to being ages ago. The world of myth indicates a completely different world. Lord Shiva was bestowed blessing by the powerful and angelic Goddess Siddhidatri. This surfaces when all the 8 Siddhis are given. When the doors are opened, the universe is created, it is said that Lord Shiva consequently worshipped Adi Parashakti. The devil possessed pure energies and had no objection to it. The device also infused herself from the left half of Shiva. Later that time, Shiva was bestowed with the glorification of the label Ardhanariswar. This most powerful Devi known as Siddhidatri Devi is symbolized by the color red. She is donned in beautiful clothes, a stunning red saree while seated riding on a lion. She is seen holding the national flower lotus in her left hand, shankha in the upper palms, Chakra in the right as well as a bludgeon in the lower one. She is also seen sitting on a flower (lotus). This ensures that she is the queen of her mind. Without her presence, this day is incomplete.