Lord Shani or shani dev is a Hindu deity who is very handsome and sits on a vulture, buffalo or a crow. He is the elder brother of Yama, the God of death, who is responsible for delivering justice to people at the time of their death, as per scriptures.

Shani is a Sanskrit word, which is the name of one of the auspicious Navagrahas in Hindu astrology or Jyotish, the nine primary celestial bodies. The planet Saturn astrologically represents Shani and also represents the seventh day of the week or Saturday.

As per some ancient scriptures, there is a story that Lord Shani prayed to his father, Lord Sun, to be given a post that hasn’t been received by anyone until now. He tries to make the Lord Sun see that no other Deva or Asura can challenge him in terms of speed or grandeur.

The Sun God was pleased with his words and suggested to Lord Shani that he should go to Kashi and worship Lord Shiva. Following his father’s wishes, he went to Kashi, paid his respects and pleased Lord Shiva, who gave Saturn a place in the new planetary systems.


Lord Shani is the son of Lord Sun and his concubine Chhaya (shadow). When he was in his mother’s womb, she religiously prayed and did severe penance sitting under the blazing sun to please Lord Shiva. The deity heard her prayers and his divine blessings nurtured the child in the womb.

Due to Chhaya’s prayers to Lord Shiva, Lord Shani came to be a sincere devotee of Lord Shiva. However, since she was sitting continuously under the sun for a long time, the child in her womb kept turning black as time went by.

When Lord Shani was born, Lord Sun despised him due to his color and refused to acknowledge him as his son. This greatly angered Lord Shani and gave rise to a tense relationship between the father and son.


Astrologically, Shani graha or Saturn is the slowest moving planet that takes 2.5 years to transit from one zodiac sign to another. When Shani opened his eyes for the very first time after his birth, it is said that the Sun went into an eclipse. This is a clear indication of the impact of Shani on astrological charts.

It should be noted that Shani graha is a very powerful planet, and has a major effect on the overall human life. Since it is a slow planet, it takes thirty years to complete just one round of the entire Zodiac calendar.

Shani is considered to be a destructive planet. It controls many aspects of a person’s life including endurance, sorrow, discipline, restriction, delays, purpose in life, modesty, and integrity. Shani gives as well as destroys. It does both but in extremes.


In a birth chart, planet Shani aspects the 3rd, 7th and 10th House from the House that it is in. When it transits from the 12th House of a person's Kundali, a period known as Saade Sati starts. When Shani transits through the 4th House from a person's Moon Sign, it takes two and a half years.

As per the planetary systems, Lord Shani graha represents servants. It also represents the air element among the Panchbhootas or the five elements. It is believed to belong to the Shudra Varna and is predominated by the Tamsik Gunas.

The Lord Shani is believed to have a skinny and tall physique, honey-colored eyes are windy in disposition, and has coarse and rough hair. He is said to always wear a serious, grim expression. 

 You are likely to find same or similar qualities visible in the people with Saturn as their sign's ruling planet or it would be a major influence in their natal chart.

 If Shani graha effects is effectively placed in a person’s birth chart, it makes the native calm, unwavering, balanced, attentive, clever, skillful, and organized as well as an excellent executor. It also tends to increase their spiritual inclination.


It can be said that Shani plays the role of a teacher or a fair judge in our lives. If Saturn is adversely positioned in one's birth chart, the person may suffer from many problems and may have struggles and stresses, leading to unfavorable consequences, specifically in the matters related to the particular House where Shani is ill-placed.

 Those blessed by Shani hardly go through any challenges in their lives. However, this success and happiness are rightly earned, and so it stays with them. In addition to this, Lord Shani also showers such genuine people with unexpected gains and good times. As mentioned earlier, on the basis of our Karma, Saturn can be both helpful and harmful. 

 Many people misunderstand Lord Shani as cruel and easy to be angered. In reality, he is a very generous God. However, he is a strict God and demands you to lead a truthful and honest lifestyle if you want to receive blessings. If you are just and fair in behavior, he will be very benevolent with you.