The scents from your stars- Best perfumes for all astrological signs.

The scents from your stars- Best perfumes for all astrological signs.

While many people take care of how they look and present themselves, they often forget about how they smell. Several scents are infused with pure perfection in themselves. There are often very expensive so it becomes tough for you to choose one signature scent. Also, not all perfumes grow on you. It is very common to be bored of using the same scent again and again, rather than enjoying it at all times. A great signature perfume is like a tattoo, you can see the tattoo of anyone from a distance and often try to perceive the person based on the tattoo.

 If you are confused about the type of scents and spirits that are best suited for you, try reaching out to the stars. We present the best perfumes for you, based on your zodiac signs.



 The rams of the zodiac, like to stay on top of their game at all times. Floral and citrusy fragrances are best suited for them the fruity scent is best for stimulating their mind and provide their ever working minds peace.



 Taurus like staying close to earth so the earthy scents speak best to them. Pure fragrance oils that come from the earth extracts are very soothing to their mind. The scents which are close to the pines the mosses or the grass is liked by them.



 The twins of the zodiac are fun-loving and up to their beat. They are connected to the whimsical side of their personality so a serious fragrance does not suit them. Minty and lemongrass suit them. Lavender and rose are also loved by them.



 They are very caring and nurturing spirits. The cancers would love the smell of vanilla which is subtle but present. Their maternal and nurturing side is also made prominent, by the use of flowery scents.  



 Leo loves luxury, and their perfume should reflect that. The fresh scents are loved by them. The fragrance of honey, amber , and musk is very suitable for all the Leos. The rich and royal aspect of their living can be enhanced by using sandalwood and oak scents.



 Virgo is all in for subtlety. They abhor strong scents that speak more for them than they do. The perfectionist in Virgos asks the scents to be fresh and clean. The mixture of various scents is not liked by them. This earth sign would love the woody scents.



They love harmony and balance and their scent requires these qualities too. Their romantic side would love flowery scents like rose, lavender, valley, honey, and violets. The mixtures of scents are also loved only if it is perfectly balanced.



 Their passionate and sensual side loves the scent that possesses a certain enigma in itself. Scents that can be distinguished easily from the lot and makes them stand apart from the crowd is loved by them. Seductive fragrances like musk and exotic jasmine are their weakness.


 They have the power and the methods to be bold, yet elegant and expect their fragrance to be the same. Their self-confidence does not allow them to get a subtle perfume, the like strong and bold scents like that of mirth and incense.



 They enjoy the fragrances that connect them to their love for mother earth. Woody and musky scents speak for them. They also like Spicy scents. The fragrances like green tea, honeysuckle are made just for them.



 The aromas that Aquarius has weak knees for are fruity and oriental. They love all the unconventional scents that are not found in the common norm. Sweet vanilla, warm cedar, lotus leaves are the scents that are not known to the common public but adored by the members of this star sign.



 They love the aromas that are exotic and sweet. The aphrodisiac effect of some aromas is also loved by all the members of this zodiac sign. They love scents such as jasmine, vanilla, and apple, cherry.

The personal preference of each individual also speaks, but these scents are a great way to discover what could be your signature perfume. Some of them could be perfumes that you may not have considered for yourself at the first glance, give them a try now and discover something new for yourself.