The Rigid Taurus and the Mutable Pisces

The Rigid Taurus and the Mutable Pisces

The Pisces are born from February 19 to March 20 while Taurus is born from April 20 to May 20. Both the signs are perfect together as they complete their elements. Pisces are water element which is essential for the earth element of Taurus. Even though they are influenced under two strong planets of Neptune and Venus, they are so compatible. They are very creative and grounded together. They make a very inspirational pair as they both are into helping people in need and spreading happiness around.  It is very rare that they might get exhausted on each other in love and move on in life separately.

How trusting are Pisces and Taurus on each other?

Both signs need a little time to open up their true emotions. With the down to earth attitude of Taurus helps Pisces to open up their true feelings faster than other zodiac signs. The moment they realize they are in love, Pisces will not hesitate to completely open up to Taurus. And Taurus very understanding partner and gets into the bond easily.

Although Taurus is a very loyal partner, the moment Pisces starts feeling the spark is lost, Pisces will move on. Pisces will start lying and making excuses to focus on different things. Taurus can either fight with Pisces or rekindle the lost spark of love else part ways and move on.  But it’s very unpredictable when Pisces will start feeling out of love.

How is communication between Pisces and Taurus?

Taurus and Pisces do not need to converse much as they can easily understand each other. They keep their bond very interesting as both of them are curious about each other’s lives. This attitude makes them good listeners and good friends more than partners. This strengthens their bond. It is easy to read both their behaviors as they are almost similar. They get emotionally connected which makes them realize there is no need for verbal communication.   

In this bond, Pisces will be the leader as it is very easy for Taurus to get lost in the creative and talented world of Pisces. The beauty attracts Taurus which makes them easy to fall into the trap of intellectual beauty of Pisces. This bond would be very exciting at first and they will lose their selves in the bond. But slowly both the zodiac signs realize they lost themselves to each other and lost their true identities. This could be very heartbreaking. It is important for Taurus to stand tall and hold their ground and Pisces to respect their stand.

How emotionally are Taurus and Pisces connected?

Taurus is influenced by the love planet, Venus. Taurus experiences the center of attention with Pisces as Pisces showers all its lovemaking Taurus feel special. As long as Pisces does not change its mind, the bond between Taurus and Pisces is magical. They will venture into the beauty of love together. They will be very creative with expressing their emotions which makes them both fall more for each other.

Both the zodiac signs are very different when it comes to valuing things. They value different opinions and contradict most of the decisions. But the only factor of love binds them together. Taurus is guided by earth element which makes them a giver. Taurus will give up its likes and dislikes for its partners while Pisces is a water element that makes it easy to adjust. It can easily accept its partner’s decisions. They concentrate on keeping each other happy and contented. They both value love at a very high place and no other zodiac sign meets this level of understanding of love. Taurus and Pisces will make an amazing pair as long as both beliefs in loving each other.

How is sex life between Taurus and Pisces?

Both the signs crave for intimacy. They are driven by pleasure and creativity. Taurus symbolizes creative lovemaking and sensuality while Pisces completes it by being the sign of orgasm. They both can get lost in each other and make their time the most unforgettable one.  They can easily satisfy themselves and keep it very exciting.

Taurus needs a partner who can compete with them in bed and Pisces fills the description. They both don’t care about the rest as long as their physical and emotional needs are fulfilled. The emotional nature of giving of Pisces will quench the thirst of Taurus. They both respect each other and give attention to tiniest details towards each other which will strengthen their emotional bond and make their love life very exciting and intimate.