The real meaning behind astrology

The real meaning behind astrology

This article will change the perspective that you have on astrology and you will not look at astrology in the same way as you earlier used to. By the end of this article, you also have a clear understanding of all the sub-branches of astrology. you can also understand further concepts of Kundali Matching because you will have a firm understanding of astrology and that will help you understand the advanced concepts. 

Why astrology is considered a pseudoscience 

The fact that the concepts in this field of study are so generalized that it is almost applicable to everyone makes it difficult to come under pure science or something that can be termed a scientific. This is the main reason why there is a lot of friction that everyone must overcome before developing trust and faith in this domain. If you are a person who always requires scientific proof behind everything that you understand understanding astrology is going to be a reared task for you because it is not purely scientific, and you must have some emotion and some faith before you start the process. Secondly, you must understand the fact that it is a pseudoscience it is not some random text that you are reading so even if it is not scientific or is not that precise enough to be called scientific phenomena it always is a pseudoscience and it is no less than a scientific phenomenon but the fact that it cannot be specialized further makes it a pseudoscientific term. 

Direction, destination, and faith 

If you want to grasp this concept of astrology completely you must understand this origin because you will understand the concept very clearly and completely if you take the help of this analogy that you are about to read so for that you will have to imagine a situation and only after that you will get a clear picture.

Now imagine that you have started your journey and suddenly your network is not working you are in your car and you are driving with the help of the Maps that you use and now that you do not have an Internet connection you cannot make use of the Internet to find the right road. now before reading the next line make sure that you have properly imagined everything you have to imagine that you are in your car and you are lost you know an area that you are not familiar with and you have to reach some destination but you do not know the road now imagine what you will do I even think what you can do in this situation? and that wouldn't be a surprise if you answer is that you will get help from some stranger that you might encounter around the road and now comes the real part of the analogy and you consider the case that you trust that stranger,

The fact that you trust that stranger helps you move ahead in the direction towards your destination so even if you do not know him you blindly believe what direction he gives you and you follow that for some amount of time and the fact that you are assuming that what he has said is truly create a strong point for analogy in astrology. 

Understanding the analogy of faith 

Just the way you trust the direction that a stranger gives you when you are lost and your Google Maps or Maps application is not working you should have some amount of it in what your astrologer is trying to tell you because even if it's not scientific or even if he doesn't have any proof to give you he has a lot of experience and he has a good skill said that he has developed in this domain so after appoint it’s your job to believe him or not but you cannot just ignore what he's saying initially just the way you do not ignore a stranger while you are lost finding directions towards your destination when you are map is not working and here the important cases that you have to understand your Google map or any map application is not working so if you are a person who has it working or a person who has a good unstable internet connection you would not require any random person to tell you and at the same time is important for you to understand you should not indulge yourself in the process of astrology if you do not have a strong goal or strong motive behind starting this.