The Rahu Kaal, Today and Each Day

The Rahu Kaal, Today and Each Day


Rahu is basically considered a demon planet and is mostly unobservable. It is the hardest to please and the most influential of fortune because Rahu does absolute bad rather than good almost every time. It is also considered to be a huge controller of human nature, aura, inclinations and mood swings. Rahu is considered to be the enemy of the Sun, the Moon and Mars. Rahu is considered to give good results only when it is coupled with Taurus or Libra. Otherwise, most other things that are connected with Rahu are observably inauspicious and any beginnings beget bad results and any end may open up new problems. As for today, just like every day, there was the Rahu Kaal observance.

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Just as said before, like every day, even today we observe a very inauspicious time where actually the Rahu takes over all our other influences. This period of the day when Rahu rules over us is known as the Rahu Kaal, or Rahu Kalam, or Rahu Kala. This period lasts exactly for an hour and a half. This is exact for each day. Any important work or any sort of new initiative is actually considered ill to start today and therefore it must be either preponed or delayed. Some customs and some people do believe that Rahu Kaal supposedly yields bad results and any made-up will get destroyed.  Astrologically speaking the planet Rahu is considered a very bad influence on the human tasks, Rahu being an inauspicious planet. In Hindu mythology, there is a tradition of seeing this Kaal or this Muhurat of Rahu before the beginning of each auspicious task or any new endeavors.

The concept of Rahu Kaal is very popular in South India. It is actually very much possible that it becomes important for making sure of the auspicious time intervals for each day. Mostly the timing for the calculation of Rahu Kaal is 6:00 AM as this might be the default timing for sunrise. The correct way to calculate the Rahu Kaal is to calculate it from the time of sunrise. Rahu Kaal does also differ as per the cities because the sunrise in all of the cities also shows deflection, or from the east, to west, the timing differs.


Vedic Astrology says that this time period under the influence of Rahu is considered to be an ill timing and should be tried to be avoided for the commencements of many things or any celestial activities. Things like daily Puja, yagyas or hawans should always be tried to avoid in this time today, and any part of these celestial tasks should not clash at all with the timing of Rahu Kaal in our everyday life. The malefic effects of this planet are equally enough to actually cause an ill omen to most of us, and also to displease the Gods. Rahu is interference on most of such occasions. Performing any of these activities during the Rahu Kaal, a person may not be fully available to exact the goodness he might require out of his endeavor.

The residents of South India have an indispensable faith in the timings of the Rahu Kaal. They make sure that nothing of their daily chores that is to bring in some positivity to the house should in any way clash with this timing. The Southern Indian Shastras have noted it very well that occasions such as the Griha Pravesh of a new home, the very celestial bonds of marriage, the beginning of a new business or jobs, new trades, new hands in the business, the selling and the purchase of assets, job interviews, the buying or selling of vehicles and so many other things should never come in the timing of Rahu Kaal, and should stay away from the influence of Rahu.


For a normal day as such today, the fifth day of the week, Friday, Rahu Kaal in a very meager and very normalized sense is observed during the timings 10:30 AM to the end stroke of the clock at 12:00 PM (10:30 AM – 12:00 PM).

The methodology for calculating the Rahu Kaal for seven days of the week has been provided in the Vedic Astrology. For this, the time that is captured in between sunrise to sunset, which is grossly 12 hours has been divided into 8 equal segments of one hour and a half timings. Sunrise is generally considered to be at 6 AM each day whereas the sunset is considered to be at 6 PM each day. Therefore a day is normally seen to be of 12 hours. Therefore dividing 12 by 8, we get segments of 12 hours each and hence each of the eight segments gets one and a half hour duration. The timing from Monday to Tuesday has been given below:

Assuming the sun rises at 6 AM, we get-

Monday : 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM

Saturday : 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Friday : 10:30 AM to 12:00PM

Wednesday : 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Thursday : 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Tuesday : 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Sunday : 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Similarly like today, you can give a count for any random day, on an abrupt basis.


This period of Rahu does affect our day-to-day activities and therefore things that are part of our daily activities like pujas and Yagyas should be avoided to the best we can.

No new commencements on business

No travel should be allowed for that time of Kaal

Transactions should be avoided

Purchases of high profiles like cars, homes, assets, and jewelry should be avoided.

For necessary ventures, something sweet like jaggery should be put in mouth or tasted.

You can commence on a journey by taking four steps back and then move ahead.