The Queen V- Venerable, Veracious, Valorous Virgos

The Queen V- Venerable, Veracious, Valorous Virgos

If seen rank wise among the zodiacs, Virgo occupies the sixth place in the horoscope. It spans the degrees of 150 to 180 of the zodiacs. Under Virgo, the transition of Sun takes place on an average between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September.

Therefore, people born between these two dates come under the Virgo sign.

Virgos are represented by the historically represented Goddess of wheat and agriculture- the maiden.

It is from here where Virgo traits gain their charm and why Virgos are so deeply rooted in the material world.

Virgos belong to the element of Earth which makes them wise, sensual, stable, and have a knack for working hard. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgos are a swirl of qualities. Every zodiac has its flaws and its perfections.

Let’s find out the ten distinct Virgo traits that make them so amazing! 


10 Virgo traits that make them who they are: 


Virgos are known to possess high amounts of creativity in them due to their love for aesthetically pleasing adventures.

A Virgo may often be found aloof with what’s happening in the world and very rooted towards working but when it comes to expressing their creativity, they do it with their entire passion.

Their creativity is a medium of their expressions and their emotions and is channeled mostly through arts, crafts, dances, and paintings. 


As stated before, Virgos are very hardworking individuals as they desire to acquire as many materialistic things as possible. From a very young age, Virgos aim high and are extremely driven in terms of career choices.

They believe in the idiom ‘As you sow so shall you reap’, and make that the motto of their life. 


Virgos are those signs that feel deeply but mask it well.

Virgos are known best for putting up a stone face no matter what life throws at them. Storms? Joy? Anger? Sadness? You will see a Virgo absorb them all like a sponge without once breaking.

However, no matter how hard they try to hide that they care, only people close to them know, they do! 


Although the Virgo traits of being strong may come off as intimidating at first, in reality, they can make amazing friends and partners due to their reliability.

Virgos are quick to take up responsibilities and play them out to the best of their abilities. Their traits of hard work only help this fact! 

Loyal and Passionate

I’ll admit that winning a Virgo's heart may be very difficult but if you’re fortunate enough to win it, you will see how loyal, dedicated, and passionate Virgos are in relationships.

They will always be there for you through thick and thin and will never let you fall short of anything.

But be aware, this is only for the people they truly love! 


Virgos are those people in a room who will only talk when required and for the rest of the time look around the room noticing and observing everything about a person. They are not communicators as such and thus, use their sense of sight to know much about a person.  

Perfectionists. If there is one trait that masters all, it is the trait of being absolute perfectionists. Virgos settle only for the best and nothing short of it satisfies them. Be it in choosing partners or executing their work, Virgos will make sure everything is top-notch before giving the final thumbs up. 


Due to their constant need for things to be perfect, Virgos may come off as bossy but only in a workplace (or perhaps, a relationship). Virgos want everything to be perfect and thus, like bossing people around telling them what needs to be done to get it right-er. 

Critical. A negative trait that is pretty prevalent in a Virgo is that they are very critical and judgemental about things. This is also partly due to them being perfectionists but if you want to impress a Virgo, make sure you go all out. 

Sensitive. Yes, Virgos may put up a stone face and bear it all but that doesn’t mean they aren’t sensitive. Virgos are quick to get hurt and hate being lectured on what to do. Don’t be surprised if the occasional waterworks come flowing down behind close walls.