The Procedure of Kundali Matching Online and Its Accuracy

The Procedure of Kundali Matching Online and Its Accuracy



In astrological scenario when an individual is born the positioning of the celestial objects in the outer space like the stars and the planets provides with a lot of characteristics information and future predictions about the person, all the readings like their Zodiac, the dominant planet and their influence is documented in a birth chart popularly known in the Vedic astrology as Kundali. A Kundali is created right after the person is born and studied throughout the lifetime to get a better idea of the tomorrow approaching us. It is important to note that the readings of the Kundali changes depending on our circumstances with which life tests us.



Vedic testing of Kundalis has provided an answer to many situations in an individual’s life. There are certain tests that could be done with the readings of the Kundali that helps us make a better decision. One such big decision is the marriage between two partners. When two partners decide to engage in holy matrimony there are eight tests that are calculated by matching their Kundalis to test the compatibility between them. The eight test consists of  basic skills and ability of both the partner and it can assist in the compatibility of each other, the dedication of both partners towards each other, compatibility to bear healthy children, the strength of love, temperaments test of each partner and how it can affect the relationship, the overall health, and welfare of the partners in the marriage. If the similarity of these tests in the Kundali  match it implies that the partners are completely compatible and it’s a match “made in heaven”



With the modernization of every sector, it is no surprise that astrology has also passed the milestone of the internet, one such sector is Kundali matching online. Nowadays with the busy schedules people are always running out of time and unlike previously they don’t want to spend their hours sitting In front of an expert astrologer to get the compatibility tests are done. So partners just decide to get the tests done online. It is still debatable how much the test results are accurate but the impressive reviews tell otherwise.



The first and the most basic test done online is by matching the zodiac signs of the partners and check their dominant planet, their elements that provide a lot of information about the characteristically matched compatibility between the partners. Once this test is that is when the online portal asks about your name, date of birth, hour and minute of the birth of you and your partner. The best part of online Kundali matching is that they don’t need the copy of your actual Kundali, some information about the birth can originate the compatibility test. 


Some partners might feel like the not giving the original copy online doesn’t commence correct outcome but the Kundalis that are made are during the birth which constantly change through the course of a lifetime so a recent reading will give more accurate results to this compatibility test, that is what the online portals serves.


Once you enter the details a chart will be presented in front of you which will mention the percentage of the eight tests which tests the different aspects of compatibility like friendship, constructiveness between partners, chances of having an offspring, intimate physical compatibility test.



Online Kundali match doesn’t only help you get faster results to your compatibility tests between partners but also presents the outcome in a more systematic manner which is more understandable for the people who don’t have an elaborate knowledge about astrology. In this way people who don’t believe in the working of astrology because of its complicated nature, its wordings can be illuminated in a more simpler way through online websites which is more accessible for people.