Have you heard of the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” well it’s definitely true for a Capricorn woman. People often get confused by the cold exterior they maintain but they are actually very sweet and sensitive.

A Capricorn woman in love first likes to be sure of her feeling before committing to their partner. She gives a lot of thought in choosing their partner and generally is always right. She has a great sense of responsibility which is why she doesn’t really take risks and likes to plays safe.

When it comes to sexual experiences, a Capricorn woman is open to experiencing new things. Generally, Capricorns are known to restrict themselves but that’s not the case with the Capricorn women, she is great at understanding her own instincts.

She is extremely loyal when she is in a relationship, she has a very simple outlook towards relationships, and as long as the relationship makes sense to her she will stay in it no matter what. But if her partner crosses the boundaries she can get serious and strict.

A Capricorn woman is very low maintenance; she is perfectly capable of taking care of her and doesn’t depend on anyone for her needs. She needs love to open up, she doesn’t need extravagant activities, and a simple dinner can also make her really happy.

She is a rock; you can lean on a Capricorn woman for anything. She can shoulder any kind of responsibility and is extremely focused. However, she has high expectations for her partners and sometimes gets hurt because of such high expectations.

A Capricorn woman loves working in organized work environments. She is an artist but also does well in management, producing or directing. She aims to move up the organizational structure and when she does get there she will make a very good leader.

She is great at managing her expenses, even as a kid she would maintain a piggy bank and save all the extra allowance. She has definitely carried this habit to her adulthood. She is very aware and stays up at night worrying about her future.

A Capricorn woman is the most comfortable when she has a backup plan, she isn’t much of a risk-taker. She may be perceived as greedy or materialistic but actually she just needs it to feel secure. For her money is equal to security.

Even though a Capricorn woman holds on to her possessions, she is very generous and will help anyone who is in need. She understands the importance of hard work and discipline and never shies away from putting in the extra efforts needed to achieve her goal.

She is a smart dresser too, she likes to look good and you won’t find her dressed shabbily. She is concerned with how people look at her and thus always wants to look presentable. A Capricorn woman loves splurging in accessories and expensive jewelry.

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