The Power of Shani Chalisa

The Power of Shani Chalisa

Since the beginning of time when the Vedic astrology term is coined the mention of planets gods and goddess signifying a lively presence of planets has been prevalent.  The position of planets plays a distinctive role in the prediction of an individual’s future. The recognition of deities and idols have a very sacred reason behind, the sole purpose of providing them that pedestal is to give them the appropriate respect to alter any negative approach in an individual’s life. When discussed divinity the mention of chants and mantras come about as these are the means or medium through which our messages could be translated to the god.



In the history of religious Hindu literature, Chalisa comprises Sanskrit wordings related to a particular deity and these are mostly scared verses of praising uttered with utmost devotion and purity. There are many forms of Chalisa the holiest one includes Hanuman Chalisa, Gaitri Chalisa, Shiv Chalisa and Durga Chalisa. It is a devotional hymn addressing to a certain god highlighting his/her strengths and how they can be projected to change our predictions and help our day to day activities turn a little better. The recitation has to be done regularly with the utmost purity of heart only then it validates the overall outcome.



It is a popular Believed among Hindus that reading a Chalisa calls upon the divine involvement of god in extreme captious problems, not only that it can also help in demolishing any sough of evil presence around latched to an individual by an external source. Reading a Chalisa regularly with the purity of a sacred heart can also help in overcoming the hindrances that come alone in a lifetime in the work field, managing finances and also having a happy healthy personal and social life.



Shani is considered to be the most powerful planet who has a very strong influence on an individual if the ring planet enters the astrological premises of that person these phenomena in Vedic language is called Shani Dasha. The difference in the year of each Shani Dasha is seven and a half years. It is said that once in a lifetime of every individual he or she is struck by the powerful persuasion of Shani.

Shani prevails the most in the 8th house of astrology that contains the most personal domain of an individual that mostly contain the relationship one has with their partner in the field of financial trust and issues. This includes intimacy, merging, shared partnership in financial income or property, joint ventures with partner’s resources, but it is also noticeable adverse consequences of Shani in a person’s  life is witnessed mostly in 8th house and as scientifically it is a slow-moving planet it also defines the readings of the astrological chart and hence the effects last longer. Though that doesn’t necessarily tell that every effect is inauspicious. The houses like 2nd, 7th 10th, and 11th house which denotes monetary factors, marriage and relationships, career and long term goals and social reputation and friends respectively will have a very positive outcome when it comes to being under Saturn’s domination.



People are often scared of the influence created by Shani, though it is not always inauspicious going through Shani Dasha can push a person to its extreme limits. Reciting a Shani Chalisa every day can safeguard an individual from the malefic effect and can also nullify the consequences.

Though Shani is a messiah of justice and a planet of integrity and all the hardships an individual deals with under the influence of Shani Dasha is just repercussions of an individual's own activity but chanting the verses of Chalisa every day can help them alter their sins and grant forgiveness from the almighty Shani. Chanting the Shani Chalisa can also provide you clarity of mind and your intentions and duties as a mortal being on Earth. It helps nullifying the crude collateral damage that can be created by dominance and in some cases abolish the Dasha or time frame. You can also easily overcome your difficulties as it strengthens your mental capability and makes you think productively in every situation. An individual can also overcome the troubles they are facing in life. The recitation can also increase concentration and patience within.




After putting a little sesame oil on the sacred feet of Shani Mahadeva the Chalisa should be chanted facing the north side sitting in the position of Kush asana. In order to demolish a Shani Dasha, it should be chanted 11 times daily but it is imperative to apprehend that an individual can only please Shani by its good karma.