Virgos are people who are born between the twenty third of the month of August and the twenty second of the month of September, and belong to the Earth element. They are people who are known to be analytical by nature, and tend to rely on their brain more than their heart. Virgos are people who are extremely hardworking and are known to be practical by nature, and are the kind of people who would even love to work when they are free.

The popular myth behind the Virgo constellation.

According to ancient legend, Virgo was the goddess of purity and was also known as Astraea. The king called Zeus has sent down the box called Pandora, down to Earth in order to punish man for his misgivings and wrong doings. Astraea as we know, was a goddess who was well known for her curiosity, intelligence and innocence. Her curiosity was her boon and bane as she ended up opening the box that was sent down by Zeus in spite of the other Gods warning her not to open it. Now this Pandora box was filled with plagues and diseases that were meant to punish man and teach him a lesson. When Astraea opened the box, she ended up unleashing the diseases and the plagues, the plagues of hate and envy, the plagues of sickness and jealousy. Because of this, Earth became a place where you could not live in peaceful and it was unbearable for the Gods to live on Earth and therefore, they returned to heaven to live in Heaven. Goddess Astraea was the last one to leave earth and she became the constellation in the sky which is better known as Virgo now, and it is believed that when the Golden Age returns or even comes again, Astraea will come back to Earth.

Greek mythologies and the origins of Virgo constellation.

Another popular myth about the Virgo constellation is that Virgo is also known to be the Greek Goddess of justice which is no surprise, because Virgos are known to be people who are known to be people who are great judges and are known to make sure that justice is received, now, the goddess of justice was called Dike.

Another Greek mythology states that Virgo is used to personify the daughter of Demeter who was the goddess of fertility and harvest. When the God of underworld saw Persephone, he fell in love with her and kidnapped Persephone and took her to the underworld. Now, Persephone was the maiden of spring who was so alive and radiant, and because of the fact that she was kidnapped, her mother Demeter was full of grief that she no longer paid attention to her responsibilities and her left her role as the goddess of fertility which resulted in earth being a wasteland, a land which was abundant in greenery and fertile soils. Until Demeter was reunited and with her daughter, earth would remain so. It would have been the end of the planet Earth had not Zeus come up with a solution that the God of underworld would return the daughter of Demeter back to her mother on the condition that she does not eat anything until she meets her mother. Now, the god of underworld on purpose give the daughter of Demeter a fruit, the pomegranate to eat knowing as a fact that she would not be able to resist it. On her way back to her mother, Persephone ended up eating the fruit and because of this she has to return back to the underworld for every four months of the year. That is why it is said that whenever it is spring in the Nothern hemisphere of the earth, that is when the daughter of Demeter is reunited with her mother, and when it is winter, the daughter of Demeter has to go back to the underworld.

There are a number of myths that tend to answer how the Virgo constellation came into existence and how and why the constellation forms that way with the help of the Virgo stars being Spica, Porrima, Zavijava and many more other stars.