The Pisces Woman

Pisces women are born between February 19 to March 20. They are known as the mutable Pisces. Being born with water element under the influence of Neptune, they are very compassionate and artistic. Pisces are naturally attracted to light colors like mauve, lilac, purple, violet and sea green. They are pure souls of the sea. They exhibit qualities of the ocean and are natural givers.

How is love life with Pisces woman?

When she is in love, she is completely smitten by her man. She puts all her attention towards her partner and comes up with various ideas to impress her partner. She will cherish every moment she spends with her love. She will not regret any decision and give all her heart to her partner. She brings out her innermost child to the surface when she is in love. She loves to get pampered and appreciated often. Complimenting her makes her shower more love. It is easy to make a Pisces fall in love. She loves attention and helping nature. She is a very emotional person, her partner has to respect and reciprocate those emotions to have a very strong bond. Her happiness and laughter add on to her beauty. Anyone can win a Pisces woman’s heart if they could connect with emotionally and give her as much as the love they can.

How exciting are Pisces women at sexual life?

They are very shy when it comes to sex. They become kids who need to be taught how things are to be done. She has great ideas in the head but it takes the right partner to make her open up. She won’t take great measures if she thinks that this partner is not the one. She will just have fun and let it go. But if she thinks that this is the one true love, she will do anything to satisfy her partner. Her romantic sexual life will be very interesting if she keeps her mind to it.  It takes the right person who respects her choices and feelings to make her comfortable in bed. Intimacy according to her is something she is willing to share with a person who can connect to her both emotionally and physically.

How is the relationship with Pisces woman?

She is very compassionate when it comes to showering her love. She will hold on to the relationship as long as she thinks it will work out. The moment she understands that this bond is not going to work, she makes an exit in a very polite way. She maintains good terms with all her ex-lovers. She is very generous in nature which makes her the first one to pacify and forgive any disputes or arguments. She has to get connected at an emotional level to become sexually active with her partner. She is very careful when it comes to making love. She won’t hesitate to shower love until she knows that he is the one. The moment she feels pressured or disrespected or feels her partner is not giving her enough, it takes very little time for her love to die and she simply moves on.  She will not hesitate to move on if she sees someone who can love her in a better way.  To have a long strong bond with a Pisces woman, it is must her partner lets her be the way she wants to be and respect her choices and supports her.

What are the characteristics of a Pisces woman?

She is very loyal, gentle and wise. She makes rational diplomatic decisions and prefers not to hurt anyone. She represents the qualities of water. Just like water, she can blend in with everyone and help the needy. At the same time, she can be the storm when someone messes with her loved ones. She is unpredictable when it comes to love but she can shower love more than the rain. She prefers to be alone and enjoys music. She hates being criticized and distances herself from people who have opinions about her life.  Pisces woman is delicate and cannot stand violence of any kind.

The only weakness the Pisces women have is they are over-trusting. They easily trust people and get hurt.  They are often taken granted by their loved ones and affect their mental state. Having a sensitive soul it is just that they are not pressured or criticized as they take things very seriously to heart. Once a Pisces woman is hurt, she never thinks twice to move out.

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