The Perfect Getaways for a Scorpio

Born between the 22nd of October and the 21st of November, Scorpio’s are individuals who are mysterious, emotional, and secretive. Scorpio’s belong to the element of water and are represented by the mythological symbol of the Scorpion. Scorpions may come off as intimidating at first but once you get to know them, they will be the most loyal friends! Scorpio’s live for the thrill in life and love to go on adventures. Thus, what is more, enticing than a fun gateway to exotic locations? Scorpios do love to travel and picking places for them may pose to be a challenge. They love a place that has a comforting aura around it yet has certain mysteries that must be uncovered. Scorpio loves a challenge and loves getting to know things. When a Scorpio travels, they travel in style! They don’t settle for regular tourist destinations. What they do is dig deep into destinations, do their bit of research, and come up with the best locations. Here are the top five destinations that scream Scorpio and cater to their weird, unique yet special needs. 


Paris, France.


While the ‘city of love’ may not seem like a Scorpio destination, judging from their intense looks, Scorpios are actually very emotional people and live to feel emotions deeply. Paris has its own charm. With its cultural beauties and many mysteries to unravel, a Scorpio may let this slide but in reality, they would be totally enthralled by the experience. Paris is a city of promises and it does exactly that. The beauty of the city coupled with the fashion game on point, makes a Scorpio crave for more. Paris has never failed to entice generations of Scorpions with its ‘je ne sais quoi’.


Ipanema, Brazil.


Scorpios are water signs and naturally attracted to beach destinations. However, it takes much more than a sandy beach moving into a blue body of flowy water, to entice and enthrall a Scorpio. The experience of Ipanema, Brazil screams mysterious and exotic all in one! It can also be called a spiritual experience, something a Scorpio doesn’t really mind. Scorpio’s love to try new things and their thrill for adventure would make this spot a great one. The name itself is intriguing and paired with a sparkly beach, narrow lanes, grid-like streets, and the Copacabana, the destination is perfect for a Scorpio.


Los Angeles, USA.


Los Angeles is a hub of all activities and it is a place where there is thrill everywhere and in everything you do. It literally has everything starting from sports, cultural arts, a vibrant atmosphere, and a wonderful metropolis. A Scorpio is never going to get bored in such a place especially because there will always be something new for them to try. And of course, the beaches are a plus point! The city is considered to be therapeutic due to the colorful, thrilling, and adventurous experience an individual has. A Scorpio is going to thoroughly enjoy themselves here if not anything else!


Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia.


When life feels like a swirl of stress and chaos and the pressure is too hard to bear, all a Scorpio wants to do is a place where there is no buzz of everyday life, a destination where they can find peace. Gorkhi- Terelj National Park is such a place where a Scorpio can go to assert their independence and feel free. This place relaxes a Scorpio’s mind and takes away the exhaustion of life. It also has the option of rock climbing, another adventure that thrills a Scorpio. It is a great place to connect with nature and feel at peace for a few days. 


Udaipur, India. 


Udaipur, also known as the city of lakes, is a city situated in Rajasthan, known worldwide for the beauty it embodies. The fact that it is surrounded by a mountain range- the Aravallis- on all sides, just makes it all the more beautiful. It is often known by the name of the ‘Venice of the East’ and filled with mesmerizing temples and exotic pictorial destinations. A boat ride through Lake Pichola calms every mind and especially a Scorpio’s. Scorpio would definitely love this getaway and the aesthetically pleasing sights of the city.


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