Corona Virus, the scary virus behind the cause of the pandemic corona outbreak is not a single virus, but a group of different kinds of viruses, which are the causes of common cold, flu, fever, and every other general medical condition. A member of this family, COVID-19 is the reason behind the sudden outbreak of corona around the world. Coronavirus, as distinguished from other viruses, is scarier because of the reason that it does not have a proper cure at the moment. Vaccines are not available for this virus and the symptoms start showing lately, causing a delay of about 14-20 days. During this 14-20 day time, the virus might have already spread among a larger group, affecting people in great numbers. This virus has originated in Wuhan, China. When China reported its first case of Coronavirus, doctors, and scientists were alarmed at the rate the virus was spreading among the crowds. Though preventive measures began sooner than in general cases, the virus had already spread in greater numbers. The virus was thought to originate from bats, spreading to other wild animals. These wild animals were hunted by people belonging to the general markets, leading to the transmission of the virus from the wild animals to humans. These large markets were not shut down previously when there had been another virus outbreak killing masses. Preventive measures such as masks, sanitizers, continual hand washing, etc. had been advertised and publicized among people to save them from being affected by the virus. These measures acted as general safety, but, the need for a permanent solution is nevertheless very important.


Ban Tulsi: The Benefits

Ban Tulsi, a member of the Croton family, is often found in the West Bengal region. They are known by the name Ban Tulsi due to the stark similarities between the leaves of this plant and the Basil or Tulsi plant. It is used as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, stimulant and a mild tonic. These properties of the Ban Tulsi make it a major part of the ayurvedic medicine, a medicinal way rooted in the culture of India. Ayurvedic scientists have always suggested ways that were mostly based out of natural materials which cured many problems that were being faced by the public. As an ayurvedic medicine, Ban Tulsi has been a major part of the treatment of general cold, influenza, feverishness, indigestion, stomach upset and pain during menstruation. These health benefits make Ban Tulsi a noteworthy element in the treatment of various issues.


Ban Tulsi as medicine for coronavirus

Since the coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak, scientists across the world have been deciphering ways and methods that would cure this pandemic. Ayurvedic scientists have found a methodology of solving these problems in nature gifted element, Ban Tulsi. An effective healer of multiple kinds of flu and influenzas, Ban Tulsi was found to relieve the symptoms of Coronavirus. The process would also eradicate the virus slowly. Taking the Ban Tulsi as a preventive medicine beforehand is a thing of greater importance that garners enough attention around it. The Ban Tulsi juice or at times processed into oils and other forms is a major healer of the problem. The preventive use of Ban Tulsi will raise the immunity levels of the person who intakes the medicine, making it an effective reliever. Though there is news about the ayurvedic medicines being ineffective, the problem arose because of the wrong information which has been obtained from irresponsible and unintelligent sellers. These peng people have propagated a completely negated side of the information with the ayurvedic dealers. It is important to spread the word about the corona and about the benefits of Ban Tulsi as a material and medicine to cure coronavirus. The outbreak is becoming massive with time and the number of people testing positive for the virus too is increasing. To prevent the major population inhabiting from the earth being eliminated forever, there must be an increase that must be tested. Ayurveda has generally no side effects from the medicines that are a part of Ayurveda medicine. Other measures too must be taken care of, like frequent hand wash and the use of soap.

Small tips make one a long way in the treatment of the coronavirus, like personal hygiene, washing hands before and after meals, avoiding large gatherings and a few others would keep one protected from being affected by the coronavirus. Once, symptoms are observed, one must contact their doctor immediately so that the infection would not spread.